How To Hold Onto Your Summer Glow

Keeping the summer glow

“The most important products for glowing skin are a serum and mask,” says beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni. “These products contain active ingredients in high concentrations to achieve visible results.”

Serums, Petroni explains, are designed to soak into the deeper layers of the skin so she recommends investing in a good-quality serum and cutting your dollars back on cleansers. “Serums are petite yet potent bottles of magic,” she says.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Serum ($135) smoothes and refines the skin by dissolving surface build up and it cleans out the pores, preventing future breakouts. It also treats pigmentation making the skin look brighter and more even.”


Still, to get a really glowing complexion, Petroni admits she can’t go past a mask packed with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and vitamin A. “Vitamin A is one of my favourite skin glowing ingredients,” Petroni says. Try Priori Advanced AHA Replenishing Masque, $70.


And don’t forget your sunscreen. If you miss this all-important anti-ageing step, all of the above effort will be for nothing.”Our harsh climate means SPF 30 or 50+ must be worn outdoors and indoors every day; rain, hail or shine,” says Petroni. “For the face, opt for a formula that’s lightweight and won’t leave a sticky or white film that can lead to breakouts or congestion.” Try Model Co Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen & Lip Balm SPF50+, $24.95.


You might be tired of all that faux-tanning, but it’s the best (not to mention safest) way to quickly work up a healthy-look all-over glow. Brooke O’Brien, St. Tropez’s Australian Skin Finishing Expert advises taking your time when applying self-tan at home to get an even, perfect colour. “Using an application mitt is the best way to evenly distribute the tan over your body without showing the telltale signs of fake tan stains on your hands,” says O’Brien.

But, what about those pesky streak marks? “Exfoliate your skin before applying your tan.” Pay extra attention to rough areas such as the knees, ankles, heels and elbows. O’Brien’s tip: “Apply a tiny amount of moisturiser to those drier areas. It will act as a barrier and help your tan blend in evenly.”

Prefer something that’s more of a quick fix, no-fuss option? Try St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body, $29.95. “It rinses off with soap,” says O’Brien. “It’s the ultimate product for beautifully bronzed, radiant skin all over.”


Written by Eleanor Pendleton

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