How To Get Perfect Big Braids NYFW Style

Big Braids Galore at NYFW With Herve Leger
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Sep 23, 2015

Orlando Pita, New York Fashion Week Ambassador for TRESemmé, revealed the secrets behind the looks he created behind the scene at NYFW.

What you’ll need…

  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray
  • TRESemmé Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo
  • Hairdryer
  • Round bristle brush
  • Small elastics

Step 1 – Start by washing your hair using Perfectly (un)Done Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner and towel dry.

Step 2 – Apply Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo from the roots to ends and blow dry with a round bristle brush.

Step 3 – Create a deep side part and then starting from the crown, begin French braiding down across the forehead. Feed hair from underneath so the braid is raised up and let a few strands of hair fall onto the forehead to create additional texture.

Step 4 – Secure the braid into a low pony at the nape of the neck with a small elastic and pull over your shoulder.

Step 5 – Finish the look by spraying Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for light hold.

Speaking about the Herve Leger NYFW show, Orlando Pita said: ‘The fashion collection this year marks TRESemmé’s  30th anniversary, so they’re celebrating where they come from, their heritage, and some new techniques. 

“There’s an ease and flow to the collection, and this hairstyle echoes where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s a controlled braid to match with part of the collection that’s controlled, and the wispy bits represent where the collection is going.”

“Being in the business for more than 33 years, my job is to bring something new. It really is a fine balance working with a fashion designer, and coming up with a hairstyle for their show. This isn’t a hair show, we never want to upstage the designer,” finished Pita.

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By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Iantha Yu is a journalist that specializes in writing and styling beauty, health and lifestyle content. She firmly believes that good skincare, a bright lippie, or good quality false eyelashes can change your life (or at least your mood for the day).


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