How To Be A Blonde Bombshell

How To Be A Blonde Bombshell
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Dec 10, 2015

After going blonde this year, I can confirm that blondes really do have more fun. Lightening your hair comes with an air of cheekiness – it’s something you just have to try.

“We are seeing a lot of warmer tones for the coming months,” says Castle. “People are less afraid of warmth lately, which is great because it gives the most amazing glow to your hair.”

With Wella’s newest Colour Service Couture Blondes, you can achieve popular shades like pale gold on platinum hair, to more natural toned hues like Gigi Hadid’s, which are all highly requested at Castle’s salon Viva La Blonde.

“I really feel that there’s a shift away from over-colouring blondes,” continues Castle. “Working with your natural hair colour means less maintenance, but the finished result still looks fresh.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new beauty trends, like hair strobing too.

“The more we create what nature does to your hair on its own, the better. Highlights strategically placed can make your features really pop.”

But remember one thing – it’s important to use a toner on light-coloured hair, to avoid your colour looking too warm.

“Invest in an amazing toning conditioner (toning shampoos seem to really dry your hair out), but don’t overuse it. You should only need it every second to third wash.”

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Chantelle’s top tips:

Avoid the box dye. “Your colourist is specially trained on skintone, and making sure your colour looks amazing on you.”

Weekly moisture masks are recommended. “Especially in Summer,  when the sun and surf is drying your hair out more.”

Boost your texture. “Anything with movement really highlights your hair colour, and you can see where all the light and shade is in blonde hair with loose wave curl.”


By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Iantha Yu is a journalist that specializes in writing and styling beauty, health and lifestyle content. She firmly believes that good skincare, a bright lippie, or good quality false eyelashes can change your life (or at least your mood for the day).


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