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How To Get Naturally Fuller Lips In Just Two Steps with Eleanor Pendleton

How To Get Naturally Fuller Lips 

No needles, no pain, no surgery. 

Here’s how to fake a full pout using just two makeup products. Shop them below!

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There are lots of different ways to make your lips appear bigger but today I’m going to show you two of the quickest and easiest ways you can do it yourself at home. The first one is too take a liquid or powder highlighter like I’ve got here, dab some product onto your index finger and dab it on top of your cupids blow this will allow any light to bounce off your lip making them seem fuller. 
Then take a lip colour like this bold red one and round out the top of your top lid. by going every so subtly over the top lip and rounding it out and giving the appearance of a bigger upper lid. 
And thats it a gorgeous big pout in second.


Written by Eleanor Pendleton

Eleanor Pendleton is a leading authority on all things beauty. The award-winning journalist has been published in some of world’s largest publications including Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and Cosmopolitan Bride. She has also served as Beauty Editor at magazines including InStyle and FAMOUS. Eleanor is responsible for editing the popular beauty website, Gritty Pretty, and has joined The Carousel as our Contributing Beauty Editor where she’ll be posting fresh, exclusive beauty content.
Contact: [email protected]

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