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How To Get A Beautiful Glowing Complexion With Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson already has a gorgeous youthful look to start with, but in this video Glenn increases the natural glow in her skin by using creams and powders so lightly that you hardly notice they’re there. You’ll definitely see the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ looks though – and discover what’s behind Alli’s Simpson comment “Love this. It looks so natural”!

How To Get A Beautiful Glowing Complexion With Alli Simpson

The makeup tutorial results in a series of beautiful photos – Alli’s skin looks dewy and translucent. Check it out.

How To Get A Beautiful Glowing Complexion With Alli Simpson How To Get A Beautiful Glowing Complexion With Alli Simpson How To Get A Beautiful Glowing Complexion With Alli Simpson

GLENN: Today were’ here with the beautiful Alli Simpson.


GLENN: I’m going to show you how to create the perfect, flawless glowing skin.

So first I’m starting with this primer, it’s a Murad Dewy Finish Primer. It’s going to make our makeup last a little longer and also enhance the glow. This is a very light on foundation look so we just want to put it in any areas where it needs it. Because we want this look to be quite natural I’m going to use a brush like this which is quite flat just to buff the foundation into the skin so you can’t see the product lying on top of the skin. Because we’ve done such a light base, a really important step is the spot concealing – you just want to pick the areas where there are any imperfections, redness around the nose or chin.

I always choose a slightly lighter colour and slightly warmer – usually a pink in tone to go around the eyes to cover any blueness in the socket.

So continue the glowing look, I’m not going to use a translucent powder because it’ll flatten out the skin, I’m going to use this powder which has a very strong shimmer in it, this is a MAC powder and I’m just dusting that lightly over the highlighted areas of the face, the eyes, the cheekbones, the top of the nose, the cupids bow and the chin. This is a translucent powder so it still has a little shimmer in it so it’s not going to flatten out the rest too much. So to continue the glowing look all over the face, I’m going to use this Dior Fusion Mono all over Alli’s mobile lid.

And the mobile lid is everything from the lash-line to the socket line. We’re just going to press this in because this is actually a cream – and you can also blend this with your finger.

So now I’m just taking this cream highlight, called Coco Cabana by Nars – which is one of my favourite cream products, and I’m just pressing it into some of the higher areas of the face like the cheekbone, down the top of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin – just to finish off that glow. So normally you wouldn’t put a cream on top of a powder but if you just press it in gently it just gives it a little bit more impact.

ALLI: Oh, wow! It looks so good! It doesn’t look heavy – it looks natural.

GLENN: Yeah – that’s what you want, it doesn’t look powdered or like a thick foundation – it looks like beautiful glowing skin.

ALLI: Yeah, it looks really, really good.

GLENN: Okay to keep with the whole natural glowing vibe, I’m just going to go with individual lashes today.

ALLI: Oh good – I love individuals.

GLENN: Awesome. Se we’re going to show everyone at home how they can do them.

So you don’t get too much glue on the lash-line, I just put a little dab of glue on my hand and dip the tip of the individual lash into the glue. So with the individual lashes, the trick is to get them right into the lashline, so you want to get them almost slide inbetween the roots of your natural lashes. So today I’m using the short individual lashes and I’m using the knot-free because I want a very natural lash look, I don’t want it to look like she’s wearing lashes at all.

ALLI: So it just gives me a little bit of volume?

GLENN: It does! So they’re the same length as your lashes so it just thickens them, so that way you don’t have to wear so much mascara. And again, it looks more natural.

So Alli, what do you think about the lashes?

ALLI: Yeah, I love these because they look so natural. I use the short KISS ones at home. And they’re in little clusters.

GLENN: And I love how they come in the extra short as well.

ALLI: It just thickens up everything.

GLENN: And they’re so much easier to put on when they come in the clumps of three when you’re doing it yourself as well.

ALLI: Yeah, for sure.

Model: Alli Simpson
Hair & Make Up & Photography: Glenn Nutley
Hair & Make Up assistant: Rebecca Guzman
Dana Goldenberg: Stylist
BP Major: Producer/director

Written by Glenn Nutley

There’s a good reason why the name Glenn Nutley and the phrase “best in the business” are whispered on fashion shoots around the world – Glenn is much more than just a makeup artist. He is an artisan with an eye for creating the visually extraordinary.
Contact: [email protected]


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