Transform Your Face With Eyebrow Tattoos

Transform Your Face With Eyebrow Tattoos
Franki Hobson


Mar 17, 2021

They’re one of the most undervalued and neglected facial features we have, but eyebrow shape, width and definition can literally transform your entire face. But if years of over plucking, scars or simple sparcity has you thin on ideas to revamp them, eyebrow tattoos could be the face changer you’re looking for. Cosmetic Tattooist and owner of EyebrowExperts, Svetlana Burckhardt, has more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty biz and is known as Australia’s Brow Queen. So we asked her to give us the no-fluff facts on the new beauty trend. Here’s Svetlana’s eight wow brow commandments…

#1. Check the Cosmetic Tattooist’s qualifications…

This should not be an impulsive decision you make – you will have these brows for life (well, for a few years at least), so enlist only the best to create your work of facial art. “Anyone can have a certificate – you need to know how much experience they have and see examples of their work,” advises Svetlana. “Using an experienced professional tattooist will help ensure you are happy with the end result. I recommend visiting a Senior Cosmetic Tattooist with at least two to three years’ experience. After all, semi-permanent eyebrows can last for up to three years. You don’t want to end up with a brow nightmare, so the cheapest tattooist is not necessarily the best.”


 Gwen Stefani’s bushy brows today, fattened up, compared to her thin Lizzy younger year shape. Images: @gwenstefani

#2. View examples of their work

Sventlana recommends speaking with former clients to see if they are happy with the results and how long the pigment lasted for. “Check their ‘before and after’ client photographs to ensure you like the style of eyebrow that the Cosmetic Tattooist creates, and research their website and social media pages to ensure their clients are satisfied,” suggests Svetlana . “If pigment is not applied correctly it can fade quickly, be far too dark or look like square blocks.”


Double or nothing? Before and after brush stroke eyebrow tattooing, by Svetlana Burckhardt.

#3. Ask what materials they use and read their health and safety standards policy

Sventlana uses only approved pigments, disposable single use applications and follows strict health and safety regulations. She says in order to avoid infections and ensure professional results, it’s important to work with a licensed aesthetician, ideally one recommended by a cosmetic surgeon. “Make sure the aesthetician uses sterile gloves and sterilised equipment,” advises Svetlana.

Franki-hobson-eyebrow-emma-wastsonEmma Watson’s brows are at the top of the ‘most requested brows’  list. Take a brow, Em! Images: @_emwatson_

#4. Ensure you are suitable for brush stroke eyebrow tattooing

“Most people are suitable for cosmetic tattooing, from the young to the elderly,” says Svetlana. “Brush stroke tattoo, when applied by an expert, leaves natural hair like lines. While people with fairer complexions can be quickly colour matched, darker skin tones should be careful. Even if you have no hair, thin or patchy eyebrows, gaps or a scar you’d like to hide, brush stroke leaves you with sophisticated groomed brows that look completely natural. Some of my clients have undergone cancer treatments or suffer from Alopecia and brush stroke tattoo can often give ladies back their confidence after losing their hair.”thecarousel-eyebrow-before-after-2Fine-ally, stronger, bolder brows! Before and after brush stroke brows by Svetlana Burckhardt.

#5. Choose the right colour and style eyebrows for you

“Brush stroke tattooing is customised to suit the client’s skin tone, hair colour and preferred eyebrow style and shape – choosing a colour that adds warmth to the face to enhance their skin tone, hair colour and natural features,” explains Svetlana. “There are a range of pigment colours available to suit our client’s hair, skin tone and personal preference from understated or as dramatic as you like. I usually suggest a colour slightly darker that the client’s hair colour, as this really frames the face and draws attention to the eye area.”

#6. And thickness…

Do you want the bushy Cara Delevingne brow or the sleek Linda Evangelista look? “Choosing the best thickness is done in the consultation and this depends on the client’s face shape, skin tone, hair colour and personal preferences,” explains Svetlana. “Many of my clients ask for their eyebrows to be slightly darker than their hair colour and opt for full sophisticated brows, which is very popular, while others prefer a more subtle, understated look.”

Franki-hobson-eyebrow-cara-delevingne-linda-evangelistaLine-up, line-up! Cara’s a Heavy (Brow) Weight Champion, while Linda’s been walking the thin line with supermodel style for eons.  Images: @caradelevingne @lindaevangelista

#7. Consider the overall effect on your face

Svetlana says having full, sophisticated and groomed brows can make a huge difference to the face, enhancing the natural features. “Over plucked brows or sparse brows are very ageing and can add years to your look,” explains Svetlana. “Gwen Steffani looks years younger with full, sophisticated brows. You’ll look good 24 hours a day without the need to re-apply make-up.” Svetlana says the fuller brow has become very popular recently, thanks to celebrities sporting the look. “Many of my clients ask for a particular model or celebrity brow shape, including Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson and Gwen Stefani.”

the-carousel-eyevbrow-edit1A (brush) stroke of genius! Before and after brush stroke brows by Svetlana Burckhardt.

#8. Remember, this is forever (well, almost!) 

Cosmetic tattooing is also referred to as permanent make-up because you’ll look made-up 24 hours a day. “The treatments will last two to five years, at which time retreatment will be required,” explains Svetlana. “And cosmetic tattooing is not only reserved for brows. It’s most commonly used for eyebrow, eyeliner, lips and beauty spots. While a skilled paramedical tattooist also performs areola regimentation and scar camouflage.”

The Cost: Cheaper is not always better. It is experience, eye brow style, happy previous clients and a hygienic salon you want. Svetlana charges $990, which includes a consultation, one styling session with one touch-up and an after care cream.


Svetlana Burckhardt has more than 15 years’ experience as a qualified Beauty Therapist, Make-up Artist and Cosmetic Tattooist, with specialist expertise in Facials, Eyebrow Styling, Laser Hair Removal, Fillers & Anti-Ageing injections and Waxing. As the owner of EyebrowExperts, based in Sydney’s exclusive Double Bay, Svetlana specialises in cosmetic tattooing, eyebrow styling and revolutionised waxing with her 7minsBrazilianWax. Svetlana is also a published author of the book Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen, runs international Brow Masterclass training programs and has been an educator at the Beauty & Spa Expo.

Check out Svetlana’s work: EyebrowExperts Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or EyeBrow Experts


By Franki Hobson


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