Expert Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Quarantine Hair

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Apr 22, 2020

The Carousel recently spoke to Paris-born professional hairstylist, Isabelle Brard, who shared with us her insights and tips on how to take care of our hair during this period of confinement. Here’s what she had to say:

Having a stylish hairstyle is not just about looking good. It’s an emotional statement! It’s important to make sure you are not styling your hair based on your mood and how you are feeling. 

Recently, friends and clients have been sending me pictures of different styles and colours asking for advice on how to achieve certain looks. I even received photos from overseas family members after having cut their husband’s or children’s hair, hoping for my positive comments (approval). It’s funny because the lack of open hairdressing salons is almost giving people freedom to experiment with their hair. This is normal…

However, hairdressers are less enthusiastic when it comes to dyeing your own hair! It’s going to be quite impossible to fix at home when something goes wrong! And the reason many of us professionals are against it is:

  • It’s an emotional choice without professional advice
  • The product itself can be damaging, not necessarily the clients 
  • Boxed dyes which may contain harsh chemicals are best left in the hands of trained professionals.
  • They can produce end results that will be hard to live with until fixed

During this hard time, please remember to reach out to your hairstylists who are here for you, to offer advice on how to maintain your hair and to keep it healthy, shiny, and looking good every day until you meet again.

“You want the right product for your type of skin, and the same goes for your hair. It’s just as important,”

says Isabelle Brard 

Colour tips to fight COVID-19

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Colour and styling by Patricia Benvenuto Vaz de Faria

Need your colour done but can’t see your hairdresser? No need to worry, there are many easy-to-use products that you can take home that will make your journey without us a lot easier. Here are some products that you can try out:

Colorwow products– to cover up roots

Colorwow, hair

Schwarzkopf Toner– to enhance your hair colour with various tones of mousses, fix fading, and prevent unwanted orange an yellow hair.

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Styling tips to get your day started on the right foot

Washing and styling your hair is important, it’s like washing your face

You want the right product for your type of skin, and the same goes for your hair. It’s just as important, so reach out for the best products for your hair type and ask for the right advice. Nobody knows your daily hair routine better than you, but your hairdresser should know your hair type to help you to get the right product.

Here are some good products that I recommend using:

Angel en Provence 

Angel en Provence, hairstyling

A shampoo, conditioner, and treatment product that is perfect for all types of hair, especially before you style them. As a bonus, they’re packed with natural ingredients and essential oils.



Keratin restorative shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. Suggested for sensitive hair, to bleach hair, for highlights, balayage, and for fine and thick hair.  

To get the best results, before you style your hair: 

  • Comb your hair properly after your shampoo. Do not use a hard brush, but a large comb to smooth the hair and avoid breakages
  • Always pre-dry your hair before styling with a brush. If you want volume, dry your hair while your head is lowered in order to lift the roots and then style with a brush until the desired look is achieved. 
  • Your hairdryer is the main tool to dry your hair properly. Before you use any other tools like your round or flat brushes, tongs and straighteners, make sure your hairdryer is light to hold, it will make your life easier. Try to hold it with a little distance from your scalp in a circular motion to avoid burning yourself and drying out your hair. 
  • Straighteners and hots tongs are very difficult tools to use without experience. In saying that, I know many of you love them. I recommend using a heat protector spray on wet or dry hair and some Angel silky Oil on mid lengths and ends especially for fine and sensitive hair. I wouldn’t recommend using hots tongs and Straighteners more than twice a week, so please seek advice with your hairdresser.

Quick tips for straight hair to create messy soft curls 

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Colour and styling by Isabelle Brard
  • On dry hair, take small sections of hair and twist them around your finger and support them with a clip.
  • Once that is done, put a very little amount of hairspray, add heat with your hairdryer and wait for an hour before styling with slow, smooth motions. 
  • Remove each clip and move your hair with your fingers to create a natural flow. 
  • For a curlier effect, sleep with the clips overnight. 

About Isabelle Brard

Isabelle Brard

Isabelle Brard is a creative hairdresser and educator, who was born and raised in Paris, where she also commenced her professional career.

Isabelle developed her passion for hair and beauty under the guidance of Master Parisian hairstylists, photographers, and fashion designers. She has always loved challenges, innovation and creativity.

Today, she is back in Australia working at Made in Paris hair salon in Mosman, Sydney. To contact Isabelle for tips, any of the products or any hairdressing needs, you can send her an email at brardisabelle@mac.com or visit her at Made in Paris.

The Carousel would like to thank Isabelle Brard for her article.  


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