Renowned Hair Expert Kenneth Stoddard’s Top Hair Styling Tips For Spring

Renowned Hair Expert Kenneth Stoddard’s Top Hair Styling Tips For Spring


Fringes, high ponytails, '90s inspired bobs et al - Priceline Hair Director Kenneth Stoddard has some amazing tips on the must-have hair styles this season.

It’s spring season finally – which means a change in wardrobe (yay) and your beauty routine. With summer fast approaching, it’s important to know how to protect your hair from the salt, sand, and sun. Also, which trend is better – the bob or the fringe – and how do we style both looks?

We talked to hair expert Kenneth Stoddard about styling tips and trends for the warmer months.

Here are some of Kenneth’s top tips for luscious locks.

What are the latest cult products from Priceline?

Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Blow Out Mist – This is such a fantastic blow-drying spray! Its first ingredient is aloe vera juice, which thickens and restores the hair, making it perfect for weak or brittle strands.

Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Blow Out Mist

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo – This spray goes onto dry hair to add separation and texture.

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Paint (violet) – A permanent hair colour that adds a violet tone to your hair, which is a huge trend for spring. The jelly cream formula is easy to use and won’t mess up your bathroom. And it’s so much fun!

 L’Oreal Paris Colorista Paint (violet)

What are the latest hair trends this season? What are your top tips for each trend?

The trends to look out for in spring are fringes, high ponytails, scrunchies, scarves tied around the head, 90’s inspired bobs, 70’s layered ‘Shag’, and natural curls.

  • For fringes, start longer to begin with as you can also have the option of sweeping it to the side.
  • Make sure to use some gel or smoothing serum to get the hair nice and tight before securing high in an elastic.
  • Find a scarf and fold it lengthways to about 2-3 inches wide, place at the nape of the head and bring both ends to the front of your head and tie in a knot or bow. Pull out a few wisps of hair to soften, if need be.
  • Scrunchies have made a comeback, but use them minimally so as not to replicate the 80’s.
  • Have some soft layers cut into your bob to enhance natural movement and make it more playful.
  • Make sure not to start the layers too short on your ‘shag’ as it could look a little bit too 80’s. A fringe is a great addition to the ‘shag’ haircut.
  • Make sure to use a curl defining cream and a diffuser when drying the curls and don’t run your fingers or a comb/brush through as the curls will open and go frizzy.
 Priceline Beauty Director Kenneth Stoddard

Priceline Beauty Director Kenneth Stoddard