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Cut Your Hair To Make it Grow Faster? 5 Hair Myths Debunked

Top 5 Hair Myths Debunked

MYTH #1 “Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.” 

FACT: While hairdressers will often tell us that getting a trim can help hair ‘grow faster’, this is actually not true. In fact, the hair outside our scalp is already dead – but it is important to maintain regular haircuts to keep hair healthy and remove split ends to allow it to grow longer without breaking.


MYTH #2 “Colour treated hair is unhealthy.” 

FACT: Contrary to popular opinion, adding colour to your hair actually plumps up your hair! While bleaching your hair is harsh for your locks, most dyes that are darker than your natural colour will have no detrimental impact.


MYTH #30 “Hair takes ages to grow, so it’s too risky to cut it all off.” 

FACT: Did you know that hair is actually the fastest growing tissue in the human body, second only to bone marrow? In fact, it grows at a rate of 0.04 mm per day, equating to around 1.2 cm each month on average – and that’s not accounting for all the additional stimulated growth that will occur due to the fact that we live in a warm, tropical climate. That’s right, hair grows 10 to 15 per cent faster in the warmer weather!


MYTH #4 “Cutting your hair based on the moon cycle makes it grow faster.” 

FACT: If cutting your hair doesn’t increase growth rate, then scheduling a trim in sync with specific moon cycles is worth a try, right? Many people in Brazil believe that they will have stronger and faster growth when cutting their hair between a full and quarter moon, while some people in Asia think that haircuts beneath a crescent moon promotes growth. Sorry folks, these are neither feasible nor true.


MYTH #5 “Blondes have more fun.” 

FACT: It’s the age old question that pits people of all hair hues against the blondes – why should they have all the fun? What better way to challenge this stereotype than to start afresh and prove that you don’t need long locks to let your hair down!

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Written by TheCarousel

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