Renee Stewart Gets A ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up Look

Renee Stewart Gets A ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up Look
Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

May 27, 2021

It’s the beauty trend that has them thinking you were born with it! A ‘No Make-up’ make-up look leaves you with a fresh, flawless, and perfectly natural look, in other words – like you aren’t wearing make-up at all.
Renee Stewart is definitely a natural beauty and, at 27, the accomplished model, actress and dancer is also one of Glenn Nutley’s favourite subjects to photograph, so for their latest shoot, he showed her how to use cosmetics cleverly to get that ‘barely-there’ make-up look.

Check out all his tips, Renee’s reaction – and the resulting photos all nicely packaged in a single shoot.

Renee Stewart Gets A No Make-Up Make-Up Look


  • Create a smooth surface by kicking off your canvas with a nourishing cream.
  • You can make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing a touch of concealer with moisturiser.
  • Spot concealer with a small brush, then pat it into skin with your fingers.

Below you can check out the products we used in our Los Angeles shoot with the beautiful dancer and model, Renee Stewart.

Products we love

Renee Stewart Gets A ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up LookRosehipPlus Certified Organic Nourishing Night Cream, $26.95

Renee Stewart Gets A ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up Look

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana, $59

Renee Stewart Gets A ‘No Make-Up’ Make-Up Look

M.A.C. Pro Conceal And Correct Palette, $86

Make-Up Glenn Nutley
Renee Stewart
Hair – Andrew Zepeda
Styling – Adeel Khan
Producer/director BP Major


By Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

There’s a good reason why the name Glenn Nutley and the phrase “best in the business” are whispered on fashion shoots around the world – Glenn is much more than just a makeup artist. He is an artisan with an eye for creating the visually extraordinary.


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