Bacne (aka Back Acne): The Cause And Solution

Tight neck? Sore back? Constant headaches? While the causes of aches and pains can be varied, many people seek a solution in massage. Here's why a massage can help with just about anything ...
Franki Hobson


Sep 02, 2016

Back acne is something no girl ever wished for. Learn the triggers and how to banish those breakouts for good…

We hear a lot about facial acne, but the back gets a little left behind… Here, Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, explains the triggers and solutions to keep bacne in the past.

Back Acne: The Cause and Solution To Banishing It For Good

“Bacne, as it is often referred to, occurs for the same reason as breakouts do on the face, from a hormonal fluctuation in the body,” explains Emma. “Bacne is common at puberty. It can also flare up as adult acne, sometimes as a result of stress or medications people are taking. There are various triggers. Treating bacne is more or less the same as treating facial breakouts, though you may need someone to help you apply the products! The key is to keep the skin clean with an anti-bacterial cleanser, exfoliate with a hydroxy acid or enzyme exfoliant two to three times per week – avoid scrubs. Use sebum clearing and decongesting gels, masks and most importantly use spot treatment products. Also try to wear natural fabrics rather than synthetics, which cause less heat and irritation.”

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By Franki Hobson


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