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Why Fashion Designers Are At War With Dame Helen Mirren

Why Fashion Designers Are At War With Dame Helen Mirren1

The Eye In The Sky star loves to recycle her outfits and use them multiple times but it usually leaves her offside with fashion’s elite.

“Occasionally, designers let me keep what they send me. But you can’t wear them more than once as the designers don’t like you to,” she said on ITV.

“I get told off when I wear something more than once – which I do a lot!”

Why Fashion Designers Are At War With Dame Helen Mirren2

The 70-year-old actress – who has been married to Taylor Hackford since 1997 – loves designing her own clothes and has revealed she would love to walk down the red carpet in one of her creations made from black plastic bags one day.

“I am so happy when I am sat behind a sewing machine or in the fabric department of a store. I think I inherited that from my mother.

“Well, I definitely have been tempted to [wear one on the red carpet]. In fact, I have a dream of making a dress from black plastic bags.

“The fabric is just wonderful because it flows beautifully and it’s so shiny and black. It’s very red carpet actually.”

Why Fashion Designers Are At War With Dame Helen Mirren3

When it comes to working out, Helen takes a similar approach and has revealed she always puts “fabulous” clothes on before exercising.

“Buy yourself a fabulous workout outfit. Put it on and do four sit ups and take it off and get in the shower.

“My thing with exercise is start really easy, just so you only do three sit ups, you know? Then do four next week and the next week do five. Start really easy.”

Meanwhile, the Academy Award-winning actress is finalising plans to play the real life eccentric and millionaire Sarah Winchester, the heir to the Winchester gun fortune who died in 1922 after building a massive and winding mansion.

The Winchester Mystery House, as it is known today, is a popular tourist attraction regularly dubbed one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

The new film, titled Winchester, will be a biopic of sorts and supernatural thriller about the house’s odd and tragedy-riddled creator.

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