White On White: Oscars Frocks and Shocks

White On White: Oscars Frocks and Shocks
Henry Roth

Feb 29, 2016

White came from nowhere. Predictions of bold colour, shimmer, and neutrals were taken over by a wave of purity and innocence. However, this time, there was a play with pure whites and sexy silhouettes.

The red carpet ignited with fashion forward looks and style that beheld the multimillion dollar advertising tags attached to the celebrities and exposure created by worldwide coverage.

  1. Olivia Wilde stunned the red carpet with an awe inspiring gown, satin plunging neck and backline with pleated skirt that fell dramatically to the floor.The must have accessory of the night was the choker around her neck. It held the look together flawlessly. Here, Olivia transported white to a new height.

    Olivia Wilde 2016 Oscars
    Olivia Wilde definitely turns heads with this look.
  2. With all eyes on Giuliana Rancic her fresh double draped frock plunges with white Grecian grandeur. The slight floral embellishment at waist is echoed countless times at the plunging back. Giuliana was a level of chic that was razor sharp.

    Giuliana Rancic Oscars 2016
    Giuliana Rancic is feminine in floral.
  3. Isla Fisher knows how to take the trend and work with it in a playful yet confident manner. Her classic rolled neckline and understated ball gown championed confident embellishment in shimmer tone. Here we showcase sophistication.
Isla Fisher Oscars 2016
Isla Fisher is sophisticated in this off the shoulder number.
  1. Roonie Mara owns this signature look with the slit on the side, which is more avant garde and at times whimsical. She is sizzle serious with this old Hollywood glamour look. The proportions are perfect proportions, and so on-trend with her scooped back for ultimate charisma.

    Rooney Mara Oscars 2016
    Rooney Mara is outstandingly beautiful in her delicate, exquisite gown.
  1. You need to have the stature; the physique and the devil may care attitude to pull off what was once owned by John Travolta decades ago. So not a groomsman, so not Saturday night fever, and so flying in the face of black-tie. The singer Common, is a knight in shining armour who captures and wins in white. He showcases a man’s red carpet bravery.
Musician common
Musician Common pulls off this bold ensemble.

When White Went Wrong

Heidi Klum is an example of a stunning, successful, amazingly respected celebrity that took a risk. It backfired. She went with more, which became too much. With a 2016 trend of a nod to solid colours or a simple play on colour, this multicolour lilac fairy floss need not stand up to the strength of other gowns on the red carpet as well as it could have.

Heidi, lose the sleeve, deepen the tone and give us ombre rather than striped vertical colour bands and this concept would have been striking.

Heidi Klum Oscars 2016
Heidi Klums disastrous dress at The Oscars.


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