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Vera Wang’s Sexy New Bridal Collection

Vera Wang's Sexy New Bridal Collection

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They’re not words usually associated with Vera Wang bridal wear, but there’s no better way to sum up the sizzling mood of the designer’s Fall 2016 collection.

“In my heart of hearts, I’m a sensualist,” the famous American designer recently said.

Vera Wang Sexy New Bridal Collection 1

“I always see women as extremely sexual objects by my definition of sexy, which is my very own.

“I think it’s not about being obvious, I think it’s about being subtle. I don’t think it’s about being an exhibitionist, but it’s more about being something hidden, and not that obvious.”

Vera Wang Sexy New Bridal Collection 2

Inspired by the wild allure of Mediterranean culture, Vera points to subtle Spanish motifs at the start of the range which become more prominent as the collection progresses.

“I wanted to capture the movement, poetry, and seduction of Latin dance,” she says, adding that collection’s accompanying film underscores the steamy sense of amor.

Vera Wang Sexy New Bridal Collection 3

“This collection, as well as the film, is about the lure of Spain – the passion, sensuality and beauty of Spanish culture.”

Featuring everything from slinky Chantilly lace slips to spectacularly voluminous tulle ballgowns and high low hem taffeta confections (often accented with exaggerated bows and crystal embroidery) the collection has both modern and traditional brides covered.

Vera Wang Sexy New Bridal Collection 4

Check out the stunning video clip below for an up-close look at the way the gowns sit, and a more intimate sense of the sensuality they evoke.

The collection is available in Australia from April 2016.

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