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Golden Globes
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Mar 04, 2021

This year’s Golden Globes was as glam and fun as ever, but with a Covid-19 enforced twist. The ceremony was held at The Beverly Hilton, in LA’s swanky suburb, Beverly Hills.

While many guests cruised the crimson rug, showing off to-die-for gowns by the world’s leading designers, others opted to stay at home. A night on the sofa never stopped a star from frocking up though, and we saw the likes of lovely Nicole Kidman and Kayley Cuoco posing for Golden Globes pics in the comfort of their own home. It was pure magic and we loved it every bit as much as we did the candid black and white portraits taken at the 2016 Golden Globes.

We have chosen a few of our fave looks for the night, but because nobody makes fashion commentary more comical than the incognito lass who runs the wildly popular Fashion Critical social media pages, we thought we’d ask her for her review on this year’s red carpet. Over to you, FC!

Salma Hayek

This woman is a goddess. She is basically the red dancing girl emoji. 💃🏻

 Stunning proportions.  It’s tricky to wear red on the Golden Globes red carpet but this is so lovely.


Nicole Kidman

Remember when lockdown first started and we thought it would be super fun to get all dolled up and take out the bins? I think our Nic might be a late comer to the whole bin outings vibe. Nonetheless, she’s nailed it in this simple black Golden Globes number.  The neckline is perfect on her.  Wearing her hair naturally curly suggests that perhaps Keith may have hogged the GHD again?


Angela Bassett

This woman is 63 and looks nary a day older than 25.  What sort of sorcery is this Angela?  She looks absolutely smoking in this Golden Globes number.  Perfect cut and colour, love the braid, even her nail colour is on point.  She is truly a glamour. 16/10 would kill for her genes.


Elle Fanning

People sure did love this ethereal number, but it isn’t quite my cup of Golden Globes tea.  She looks magnificent, of course, but with such a pale peaches and cream complexion, I feel the colour washes her out a trifle. On the plus side, I see not a single crotch whisker, which is a feat of epic proportions with a silk frock.  I’m guessing her personal steamer was on hand steaming up a storm before this shot was taken.  


Kayley Cuoco

Another bin outing with Kayley Cuoco.  She looks like a human chandelier and I’m living for it.  How deeply disappointing though to go to this level of glamour only to stand in your back yard so your husband can snap a Golden Globes shot for Insta.  


Nothing left to do but chug eleventy champagnes on the couch and then throw an “after party” in the dining room. And by “After Party,” I mean eating a pile of junk food on the floor. SHE ACTUALLY DID THIS! LEGEND!


Andra Day

This was one of my favourite overall looks.  It’s difficult to pull off something unusual without it falling into epic fail territory – but I find this absolutely gorgeous.  Did Nanna crochet the bodice?  Yes she did.  Does it look breaking?  Also yes.  The styling on this is beyond.  She is perfection. One of my top three Golden Globes looks, I think.


Kate Hudson

Kate chose Louis Vuitton for her bin outing.  I actually adore this. The belt is a curious choice but I’m here for it.  I think it totally works. 


Lily Collins

Holy heck!  I don’t remember seeing this last night! The Emily in Paris star looks like a magnificent vintage Oscar statue.  This is absolutely incredible in every way, even if she is standing on her back lawn.  Whoever styled this gets a solid high five from me. The hair, makeup, jewels, nails, absolutely glorious.



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