Conscious Exclusive: H&M Sustainable Fashion Collection

Conscious Exclusive: H&M Sustainable Fashion Collection
Emine Mehmet

Feb 14, 2017

Proving nothing is impossible, H&M have further cemented their standing as fashion leaders with the launch of their 2017 Conscious Exclusive collection of dreamy and beautiful pieces in sustainable materials.

The new Conscious Exclusive collection pushes the boundaries in both sustainability and style to include the pioneering sustainable material BIONIC® – a recycled polyester made from plastic shoreline waste.

Conscious Exclusive is a driver in H&M’s move towards a more sustainable fashion future. Across all of H&M’s product ranges, 20% are now made from more sustainable materials (2015), with the aim each year to increase this figure.

They are one of the world’s biggest users of recycled polyester and one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton. By 2020, their goal is to use 100% sustainably sourced cotton, part of their ambition to make sustainable, good-quality fashion assessable to everyone.

And of course, they lead the way in cradle to cradle fashion, with their worldwide garment collecting initiative. You can drop off your unwanted garments – no matter what brand and what condition – in all H&M stores across the globe to give them new life.

Since its launch in 2013, this initiative has collected more than 32,000 tonnes of garments – that’s more fabric than in 100 million t-shirts.

Supermodel and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova is the star of the 2017 Conscious Exclusive campaign.

“I am proud to appear in the H&M Conscious Exclusive campaign. It’s amazing to see the advances in sustainable fabrics that are used in the collection, pointing towards a more sustainable future for all fashion,” says Natalia Vodianova.

Conscious Exclusive is a collection of exquisite pieces perfect to celebrate the new season. The ethereal plissé pleat gown in powder pink made from BIONIC®, shows the range and capability of sustainable fabrics.

Each piece is individual, bringing with it a sense of occasion, and showcases the many different ways that sustainable materials can create timeless and quirky style.

In addition to a full collection for women, the collection will for the first time include kids’ pieces. The collection will be available in around 160 stores worldwide, from April 20.


By Emine Mehmet

Eminè is a Wellbeing Strategist at the forefront of The Healthy Building Movement, speaker, writer and teacher. Known as the GO TO PERSON FOR WELLBEING, for over three years Eminè has applied her 20 plus years of knowledge and expertise of the built environment and people as a strategist in the wellbeing space. Her intention is to support the construction industry in going beyond their work on buildings to positively impact the people that occupy a space. Eminè has a unique ability to connect to people on a fundamental level through her activating presentations and teachings, enabling change and transformation. 'Wellbeing is the next step up from sustainability and It's not just about physical health. It’s more holistic then that, taking into consideration the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental wellbeing of a person.' says Eminè.


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