Roth Reports Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves

Roth Reports Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves
Henry Roth


Oct 22, 2015

But as women elect to have babies later – average age 32 – I’m pleased to report that choices are starting to open up!

That ubiquitous hiding tent, or muumuu of the ’50s, has been replaced by the maternity trend of celebrating the bump, the pop and post-natal female figures.

My top tips? Include essential items (see below), second-hand, your own clothes and voila, when you look and feel good, it’s excellent energy for you and the life you’re creating.

Now let’s take a look at that essentials list:

1. Mumaskin Essential Shapewear

As they say, takes one to know one, and Mumaskin’s shapewear creator, Hannah Millward, embraced the need for Mumaskin to provide a highly practical design for maternity mums and post-natal firmness through shapewear. Mumaskin is all about support and access for bump, pop and post maternity figures make this garment a dream.

Your Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves

2. Sussan maternity

International and National heat has pushed the best Sussan forward with the launch of their maternity collection two years ago. The pieces are interchangeable and cover lifestyle, comfort, price and fashion trends. If you need a hero to come through the door, here she comes. Pieces are in breathable quality linens and cottons amongst other fabrications that feel light and gentle against the skin. Teamed with signature Sussan accessories the entire look is relaxed yet smart and elegant.

Your Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves

3. Target maternity

Target maternity dissolves from the racks. Why? It’s exceptional value and practical while still being stylish. Stock up on essentials in one trip and feel like you have made inroads into feeling good about your changing figure and being able to reflect your style. Post Natal transitioning gets a big helping hand with Target’s endless selection and don’t go to maternity to get what you want. Stretch and flexible fabrics also works for you,

4. Ayla maternity fresh options

It’s very rare that a gem such as Ayla creates merchandise and sells its infant collection with such wisdom and precision. Ayla is all about sustainability, effectiveness, ethics, and the environment while still flying the sheet and fashion forward company philosophy. Adding to this is a collection of interchangeable pieces that are cool and championing the fact that the product is made in Melbourne. It can’t really get better than this.

Your Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves

5. Blue Illusion

A trend for Australian women in their quest to be fashionable is not always to shop in a defined maternity sector of the market. The beauty of Blue Illusion, is a multitude of layered pieces that translate to all areas and stages of maternity. Its French chic styling and contemporary shapes are fresh and brilliant for post-natal stages as well.

Your Top 11 Maternity Must-Haves

6. Jeanswest

Some things become urban legend, and so too do the maternity denim jeans from Jeanswest. This is the ticket for those expecting to ride out their fashion style and fantasies. Take a look at the myriad of options in tops, pants and much more than you originally thought.

7. Label by Legoe Classic pieces

Sometimes you need to turn to classics and basics to take you through bump, pop and post-natal. Pieces are interchangeable, easy-going essentials, and that’s exactly what Legoe is. If you’re into layering, and love classic styling, this is for you. This label’s designer is also based in Melbourne

8. Asos Maternity – the best of British

Let’s face it, the British understand style and it oozes from an avant-garde, and at times irreverent attitude to fashion. Asos styling normally has a twist which I love, but it’s still interchangeable pieces that you can’t go wrong with. Some say it’s quicker to get things from Asos into your home than it is to get an old school paper tossed over the fence on a Sunday.

9. Hot Milk Lingerie

Hot Milk is a name that comes very quickly into the picture when seeking maternity must-haves. Basically, she won’t let you down. What it’s known for is the legend of holding Melbourne tight, and providing different lengths of string, which provide different pressure points on the physique at different times. A post-natal dream as well, according to many I have spoken with.

10. H&M Maternity

Vast fashion, interchangeable, built for speed not distance, H&M does its job with quintessential know how.

11. Queen Bee – cyber maternity heaven

The minute you enter the airspace of maternity wear, it is inevitable that the words Queen Bee come into view. Go onto their website, and it’s a virtual shopping mall that suits expectant and post-natal women who quite frankly can’t think of anything more exhausting than actually shopping for clothing. The variety, availability, choice, affordability and their reputation was earnt because it’s deserved.

Top 10 maternity and post-natal styling tips

1. Interchangeable, inter-seasonal, dress up or dress down for every occasion.
2. The essential all purpose, machine washable stretch dress.
3. Shapewear, shapewear, shapewear.
4. Pants, shorts, or culottes.
5. Maternity jeans or customize your own, with a pregnancy belt extender.
6. Skirts and/or leggings.
7. Pyjamas – comfy, yummy on the skin and expand with you.
8. Stretch cotton t-shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, button through blouses.
9. Seasonably required items for winter – jumpers, warm socks, knitted hats, gloves. For summer, lightweight fibers.
10. Accentuate your individual style – if you’re quirky, keep it so. Invest in pieces to personalise your look – necklaces, bangles, a quirky t-shirt, jumpsuit, and floaty maxi dresses.


By Henry Roth


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