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Posh active
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Mar 11, 2020

Let me introduce myself, I am Gai Brennan, the co-founder of Posh Active, an alternative activewear label designed specifically for women over 50. 

Posh Active was born out of my discontent with the activewear industry ignoring women who are over 50 and is changing the activewear industry for the better.  

Posh Active

The current mantra in activewear is, “if you want to be fit you must dress like an elite athlete”.  How wrong did they get it? Most women are not elite athletes, but they do care about how they look. Ageing is inevitable and looking your best at your age is what matters most. Thinking you are turning back the clock by wearing body-hugging clothing, designed for much younger women, is unrealistic and does nothing for a woman’s confidence. It is disappointing that wearing tight, unflattering activewear has been normalized for all body shapes and age groups.  What is currently available is not allowing women to feel beautiful whether they are working out or just hanging out.  

Do you really think older women want to look like their daughters in their activewear? I know I don’t.

Posh Active

Not prepared to be dismissed because we are older rather than younger, Lucy McLaren, my business partner, and I decided to address this imbalance and design a fabulous range of activewear.  

The current stereotype of activewear, is for many women, an aesthetic loss for society. As a result, ‘EYEBURN’ has become a serious problem. Today’s women in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond grew up surrounded by women with style. Actresses Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor were some of the style influencers of those times. So why should we celebrate the hijacking of activewear? Posh Active offers our customers pieces that are soft and comfortable and glide effortlessly over any body shape bringing back that sense of real luxe.

Posh Active

Posh Active has opened up a whole new category in activewear/athleisure wear. Our brand is specifically designed for an older market, who have, to date, not had a dedicated marketing space unique to them.

We want women to enjoy the experience of wearing Posh Active and be inspired to embrace ageing through fitness.

We want to start a global conversation about these important issues:

  1. Ageing is inevitable 
  2. The hijacking of activewear
  3. The benefits of being fit to healthy ageing
  4. Who is feeding the ageism agenda – NOT THE YOUNG

Posh Active intends to disrupt the activewear industry and create a new mantra celebrating femininity and fitness at any age and it would be great for all of you girls to be involved.  We are addressing these big issues with great humour, as can be seen on our Facebook videos and Instagram because let’s face it, we were born to have fun and enjoy life.

Check out www.posh-active.com.au for more details and follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.

The Carousel would like to thank Gai Brennan for her article.


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