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The Met Looks That Totally Missed The Mark

Met Looks That Missed The Mark

This year’s theme proved more challenging for some than others. The worst looks of the Met can be divided into two categories – those who skipped the theme entirely and those whose looks confused more than they amused. Read on….

Katy Perry

We are putting this firmly in the “confused” category. While it was certainly the most memeable outfit of the Met Gala Katy Perry’s Moschino outfit left us asking… is there anything inherently camp about a candle? Sure, Lumiere might argue yes, but at The Carousel, we landed on no.

Taylor Hill

It seems outrageous to put such a gorgeous look on a worst dressed list. The Victoria’s Secret model was flawless, from immaculate makeup to cascading locks and soft satin princess-pink gown complete with glittering diamonds. Totally amazing, utterly traditional and not at all on-theme. Save this look for the Academy Awards Taylor and serve us something daring next time.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa usually hits the nail on the head but this paisley Versace confection left us feeling conflicted. Camp has been called “bad taste executed well” and in Dua Lipa’s case, we’re just not willing to give full marks for execution. Dua’s gown was a little more busy than camp in my books, but maybe I’m just not ready for this much paisley.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

I imagine it takes a lot of confidence to rock up to an Anna Wintour party and ignore the theme to this degree. If anyone has that confidence in Anna’s good graces it would be 11 times Vogue US covergirl Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady. The genetically blessed couple looked gorgeous on the red carpet – but then that’s nothing challenging for them. On fashion’s biggest night arrogance is never a good look.

Jared Leto “Sens Tete”

Is it just me or did this feel like a repeat of last year’s theme? The decapitated head certainly feels more biblical than camp (although, as a friend remarked, it could be a form of “wish fulfillment” for 30-Seconds-To-Mars haters). The star wore a Gucci red suit but the stunt seemed more attention seeking than on point, unlike other duplicitously faced male attendees (Ezra Miller, we’ll be seeing you on the Met Gala best of beauty round up!)

Written by Ruby Feneley

Ruby Feneley is The Carousel Beauty Editor. Her obsession with makeup and skincare started when she modelled in her teens. While she studied English Literature at Sydney University she pivoted from front to behind the camera – receiving her Diploma of Artistry and working as a makeup artist, assisting industry leaders across multiple top brands. In 2017, she moved to New York where she worked as a copywriter for celebrity children’s wear label Appaman Inc. Ruby is now combining her love of makeup and skincare with her passion for writing. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of makeup and skincare – she can spot a Nars lip from 30 feet and recommend skin creams and treatments from chemists to La Mer at a glance. She is always looking for the next big thing in beauty whether it’s an “unsung hero” product, a highlighter hack or a technological innovation to accelerate your anti-ageing regimen.

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