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How To Implement Proactive Environmental Change Through Design

Carole Boyes Sustainable bags

Carrol Boyes, renowned and valued for her extensive, luxurious range of South African art-infused homeware pieces has recognised the importance of sustainable initiatives which minimise harm to the environment and also empower disadvantaged communities. 

Carrol recently partnered with South African brand ‘The Joinery’ to create a new range of unique tote bags and felt pouches. Each handmade tote and pouch is made from recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfill.

A total of 7,000 bottles were used for the creation of 2,000 products. To make this project a reality, the brand worked with artisans and sewing co-operatives based in and around informal settlements in Cape Town. This initiative contributed directly to job creation and furthering innovation in the global textile economy, turning potential waste into something positive. 

“We are thrilled to be introducing this sustainable product line to Australia,” says Caryn Hanley, Director of Carrol Boyes Australia.

“Sustainable fashion and homewares are the way of the future, and we are proud to be involved in an initiative that benefits the environment and creates employment whilst still providing stylish products for our customers.”

These pieces are kept and treasured rather than relegated to trash after a short lifespan, which leads to increased waste in landfills.

More people are making educated purchases as evident from the growing second hand markets. 

Carole Boyes Bag

An assortment of signature Carrol Boyes artwork is printed on each of the bags and pouches. Each one can find its ideal bag according to its needs: the decorative multipurpose tote is perfect for everyday use such as daily grocery shopping, on-board plane travel, to transport or for beach days. The pouch is ideal for small makeup products, stationery items, or to keep chargers safe.


The Carrol Boyes range is available in selected independent retailers. Range starts from $35.

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