The New Face Of alice McCALL: Model, Actor & Influencer Zoe Cross

The New Face Of alice McCALL: Model, Actor & Influencer Zoe Cross
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Jun 15, 2015

As the final face for the alice McCALL Winter ‘15 Blogger series, model, actor and digital influencer Zoe Cross took five with Alice herself to talk all things fashion, beauty and taking on the world.

A: We are really excited to welcome you to the alice McCALL family, with our Blogger Series being an integral part of our brand. Why do you feel you identify with the classic alice girl?

Z: I’ve always thought of the classic Alice Girl as the one that effortlessly emanates both class and confidence without being caught up vanity.  I think I identify with the casual calm of the Alice Girl because I’m pretty easy going.  

A: Being our shoot day, we are surround by a range of new looks. What pieces are you most excited to shoot?

Z: It’s difficult to narrow it down although I love wearing the Alice McCall double set, crop tops.

A: You attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, what was your favourite runway moment?

Z:  It’s difficult to pinpoint a single moment because as a whole the show was such a dazzling experience. It gave me a chance to see how the collection moved while the models walked through the colourful landscape created by the energetic Daimon Downey who is clearly a brilliant artist as well as a talented musician.

A: How would you describe your style?

Z: If you take Ziggy Stardust, a vintage café racer with a tropical ocean breeze and blend that in a juicer you will get yourself a Zoe cocktail. (Consume at your own risk)


A: As a model, it must be important to maintain a beauty regime. What’s your best kept secret?

Z: I’ve never been good at keeping secrets. If there is a band I love, a book I’m enjoying or a café that makes a great smoothie I will make sure everyone knows about it. As for beauty regimes I stand by the basic and simple pillars of skin maintenance: Cleanse/Exfoliate/Tone/Moisturize.
Besides that I make sure I eat healthy foods (with a healthy amount of cheat days) and drink plenty of water.

A: In addition to modelling, you are trying your hand at acting. What’s been the biggest learning experience so far?

Z: My acting coach Grant, who is a brilliant teacher, has spent weeks helping me drop my guard and embrace my vulnerabilities. It can be daunting for a person who rarely lets emotion get the best of her even when faced with stressful situations.

A: What tips can you give to any avid bloggers?

Z: Create a style you believe in. Post regularly. Maintain quality. Content is king and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

A: Originating from the Gold Coast, the Winter chill in Sydney must come as a shock. What’s your wardrobe essential to beat the cold?

Z: That all depends where I am. There are few things in this world that make me happier than wearing some warm tracksuit pants, curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of tea and watching David Attenborough. (I have a bit of a crush) Although, when I’m out of the house there is nothing quiet as practical as a warm scarf to beat the cold.

A: What’s next for you?

Z: A mix of acting, blogging, shooting and travelling. There is a big world out there and I want to see all of it.


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