Top 5 Fashion Influences For 2015

Top 5 Fashion Influences For 2015
Henry Roth


Sep 27, 2015

The truth is, style by decree and trend and never bend… is over. That’s official, you may notice movements of looks, and you may notice feelings and ideas. You will notice a plethora of options and that’s what 2015 is shaping up to be. Fashion fancy your way.

Here are the top 5 Fashion influences for 2015… 

And you are going to love the level of sophistication and embracing old school in new school silhouettes.

1. Floral Floss

Prints are going to be… do I dare use the word… slightly left of centre cool, and that’s what is so cool. All over prints that are twee, definite and very predominate are used liberally. Take the feeling into skirts, blouses and jackets and the inevitable fashion prediction- mismatched prints are going to swoon over the style fashionistas…

the-carousel-henry-roth-lace-spring-fashion2Photos courtesy of Instagram: @justfashionworld 

Cosi by Jennifer Hawkins002

2. Virtual Colour Taste

Spring into summer 2016 is seeing flavour-filled colours such as creamy peach and whipped cotton candy. This influence is all about sensuality, senses and colour fixations. It’s all about style that is moreish, addictive and if anyone out there chooses vanilla bean colour, I won’t be held responsible .Work thus influence with one rule in mind, ultimately, your aim is look good enough to eat. 

Myer ambassador Jennifer Hawkins

3. Liquid Lace

We saw it everywhere in the colder months, but it’s baaaack… lace is ON! On trend, on vintage skew, on sophistication, yet, more fluid this time round. You can have your lace worn any way you want. Lace is  now worn with Denim jackets that are long or cropped, boots and flat heels,  but not sneakers – that’s too close to the early 1990’s.  Once you’ve pulled this together, you are ready to rock. Colours out to play are the preachy cream, vanilla, pistachio, but also red current and amethyst. Remember, it’s important not to over accessorize the lace look. She likes to be centre of attention.

the-carousel-henry-roth-lace-spring-fashionImages courtesy of Instagram: mrsmirndogkosoy

4. Ginghamn and Geometric Shades of Bold.

Black and white, in ways we have not seen. Gingham. I will personally be hiding around some of the best-heeled lane ways of Melbourne. Truth is… Australians don’t really do the Gingham thing or geometrics with passion or conviction. This is an interesting trend as it will take some of you to a place less well travelled style wise. When going down this monochromatic feeling, remember….. Keep it stark. Keep it colour accessories free.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.20.09 pm Margaret Zhang

5. Flowing yet proper

Sexy means less. Less means more when it comes to the new floaty kaftan style shift. It’s high to the neck-line, with coverage at the nape and flowing into long sleeved and sinewy shapes. The wavy, flowing feel, is almost a nod to the Amish style. That means its crisp and proper. Ironically, this look is worn in floaty fabrics.  It is all about real feminine strength.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 12.01.44 pmCamilla at VAMFF


By Henry Roth


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