Lady Gaga And The US Presidential Inauguration Bring Back A Classic Fashion Trend!

US Presidential Inauguration
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Jan 21, 2021

Lady Gaga, along with laureate poet Amanda Gorman, pretty much stole the show at the US Presidential Inauguration of the Biden/Harris administration on January 21, 2021.

The Italian-American superstar was dressed in Schiaparelii Haute Couture and, alongside her pitch-perfect performance, it was all about that red ballgown skirt, the fabric-weaved braid and of course, that striking brooch, the gilded dove of peace.

You can bet that along with the return of Sex And The City to our small screens, this statement piece, or statement of peace, if you will, is heralding in the return of the brooch (after all, nobody can spark a trend quicker than Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica-Parker).

The jaw-dropping ensemble worn by Lady Gaga is likely to be out of reach for most of our budgets, and let’s face it, where would we wear it? That doesn’t mean we can’t cherry pick from the overall look. For instance, that brooch.

We’ve found a similar style of statement pin from Melbourne label Erstwilder, which prides itself on its quirky, eclectic collections of jewellery. The Wing Rider Brooch, below, had us whipping out our credit cards faster than Donald Trump tweets.

Lady Gaga
Erstwilder Wing Rider Brooch, $44.95.

It seems the US Presidential Inauguration not only ushered in a new era for America, but for fashion around the world, too. Thanks, Lady Gaga!

See below for some more fabulous options to brighten your lapel this season.

These two bloom brooches simply scream Carrie Bradshaw!

Erstwilder Prim Petal Brooch, $44.95.
Lady Gaga
Erstwilder Darling Of The Valley Brooch, $44.95.

The Lotus flower is a symbol of beauty coming out of dark times. Appropriate? Perhaps, depending on which side you stand on. In any case, we adore this breast-pin.

Erstwilder Enlightened Waters Brooch, $44.95.

Finally, we couldn’t resist this cute angel, which along with this entire collection, symbolises enlightenment, dignity, peace, and love, which we know was the message both Lady Gaga and the US Presidential Election was aiming to convert. We’d say they succeeded, and then some.

Erstwilder Angel Brooch, $44.95.


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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