Camilla’s VAMFF Visual Spectacular!


Photography by Lucas Dawson

VAMFF saw a breathtaking collection of vibrant, playful and luxurious designs from Australia’s very own Camilla Franks. In a collision between feminine soul and fresh silhouettes, the ‘And God Created Woman’ collection saw the return of Camilla’s bold signature style injected with a tough winter attitude that uses luxe fabrics to create a more tailored effect.

The visual spectacle was complimented by composer Jonathan Dreyfus who integrated both brass and percussion musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for a truly memorable runway experience. Camilla collaborated with the unique talents of renowned Fashion Stylist Mark Vassallo for a dramatic showcase of CAMILLA’s Autumn/Winter ’14 collection ‘And God Created Woman’.

Since the overnight success of her launch seven years ago, Camilla Franks continues to make waves on the international fashion stage with her unique approach to making women look and feel sensational. Her vibrant, playful and luxurious designs push boundaries and propel her reputation forward as one of the most prodigious and innovative fashion print designers in the world.

Camilla’s signature colourful and handmade graphic prints take centre stage in each of her product ranges which are distributed in high-end boutiques and luxury department stores worldwide. Her much anticipated new collection ‘And God Created Woman’ is about to hit the stores, which sees her delve into ready-to-wear, swim wear and mantans – a new exciting direction for the Camilla brand!

The VAMFF Grand Showcase paired an exciting musical collaboration with daring stagecraft and the magnificence of the Camilla style, this big, opulent, one-off show from Camilla promised and delivered the ultimate fashion experience to fashion-hungry audiences.

To find out about Camilla’s plans for 2016 click here 

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