Designer Bianca Spender: Advice My Mother Carla Zampatti Gave Me

Carla Zampatti and her daughters Bianca and Allegra Spender
Carla Zampatti and her daughters Bianca and Allegra Spender

As Carla Zampatti’s daughter, Bianca Spender grew up immersed in the creativity of her mother’s collections.

Carla Zampatti

‘I hope you have a lot of passion because you need it in fashion.’ That was the first thing her mother, Carla Zampatti said to her about entering the industry. Join style editor Lizzie Renkert in an intimate chat with Bianca about her peaks and the near unraveling of her career in the ‘tough game’ called fashion.

In memory to Carla Zampatti, who tragically died on Saturday, we are sharing stories we’ve run about her. 


Written by Lizzie Renkert

Lizzie Renkert is the Co-founder of We Are Kindred. Previously she was the Editor of Madison and former Deputy Editor of marie claire magazine. Lizzie Renkert knows how to spot a trend and turn it into an achievable and affordable look. Lizzie is also a contributor for The Carousel.


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