Top 5 Tips To Dress Like Emma Stone In La La Land

Six Makeup Lessons To Learn From Emma Stone
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Aug 06, 2020

La La Land’s costume designer, Mary Zophres, has created a style icon in Emma Stone’s character and women all over the world want to bring that nostalgic feminine style into their own wardrobes – as well as find a jazz pianist to settle down with.

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The Carousel recruited fashion stylist Alarna Hope to give us her tips on how to emulate Emma’s fabulous looks. Here’s her report:

So this week, I not only scanned the bars for a musically-gifted man who looked like he could take me dancing while singing songs about making it in the industry. I also spent a good amount of time exploring the main character, Mia’s, wardrobe to help attract our own singing and dancing heartthrob. So if you’d like to know how to get a La La Land inspired wardrobe, stick around, I have so much to tell you.

 Dress Like Emma Stone In La La Land

How To Dress Like Emma Stone In La La Land

Embrace the waist: In every scene, Mia/Emma’s waist is shown off with fit and flare dresses, bias cut garments and high-waisted styles. This allows for high kicks, flirtatious walking down city streets and enhanced twirling.

Rich colouring: Think of a peacock, or jewel tones. The colours Emma wears in this film compliment her pale skin tone and make it look like porcelain. She’s wearing emerald greens, deep reds, dark purples and who can forget that stunning yellow dress?

Top 5 Tips To Dress Like Emma Stone In La La Land

Choose The Neckline: Throughout the movie, the elegance of Emma’s wardrobe is shown through open necklines and backs of dresses. It’s not about the legs or thigh splits, it’s about wearing items that frame her face and show off her decolletage.

Minimal Accessories: Apart from sunglasses, Emma’s accessories are quite minimal throughout the entire movie. Make your look about the colours you’re wearing over the bling you could add.

Top 5 Tips To Dress Like Emma Stone

The fit: Costume designers focus on the perfect fit so everything looks great from all angles. Emma’s dresses are tailored to just above or just past the knee is most scenes and the straps of all her dresses sit flush against her chest and shoulders. Pay attention to the fit of your dresses when trying them on so that yours fit and flatter in the right spots.

My Top Picks:

Top 5 Tips To Dress Like Emma Stone In La La Land

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The Carousel wants to thank Alarna Hope for this article.

Alarna Hope is a Fashion Stylist and Body Positive Influencer based in Sydney Australia. Over the span of her career, she’s had the opportunity to dress and assist some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Having grown up with a creative family, studying at Tafe and FBI Fashion College Alarna quickly found her calling in fashion and she’s lived and breathed her work since. Since starting her career, Alarna has privately worked with clients across NSW and Melbourne with some of her commercial work published in various magazines both in Australia and internationally. Alarna has also she’s assisted in television wardrobes, and has also consulted for some of Australia’s biggest and most influential companies.

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