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Clever Aussie Made Klipsta Hat Clip

Klipsta hat clip

Klipsta is a little gadget for attaching your hat to your handbag or backpack.

The hat clip uses super strong magnets to securely hold your hat. The patented design allows you to store and carry your hat hands-free.

The company was launched in April 2020 and then won a Good Design Australia award in September of the same year. Then the hat clips were featured in the 2021 Oscars celebrity gift bags.

Klipsta hat clip

The founder, Kelly Walker said she was sick of replacing lost hats as the mum of three kids.

Kelly says: “I’m a natural problem solver and wanted to help reduce the stress levels of busy families. I also wanted to show my kids that you can create anything you want as long as you work hard. I love creating products and putting them out into the world. I love the variety of day-to-day tasks and making decisions that are aligned to my values, like insisting on a product being made in Australia.”

You simply attach the hat holder to your handbag strap or bag handle, add your hat by the brim, lock and go. The hardest part is turning it inside out to create the loop to attach it. But once you’ve worked it out, you can leave it on (so you only need to do this step once). Fortunately, the lady in the hat shop showed me how to do this.

Klipsta is designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re a big hat wearer, then Klipsta is must have clever item that lets you carry your hat carefree. It’s perfect for gift giving.

Klipsta is available in stone, tan or black. You can buy them at the Klipsta online shop or at your local hat shop.

About Klipsta

Klipsta believes little things can make a big difference. By solving the small frustrations in your day-to-day life, their innovative products let you stay focused on the bigger picture. Whether it’s the convenience of carrying your hat hands-free, or the stress-relieving knowledge that your child won’t lose yet another school hat.

Written by Emma Crameri

Emma Crameri is a freelance lifestyle reviewer and writer. She is editor of the Brisbane-based food and lifestyle website Brisbanista.


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