The Secrets To Powerful Dressing – Five Fab Fashion Tips

Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 14, 2017

With the rise of feminism, women are no longer limited when it comes to career options. From a hardworking housewife to a tireless company manager, the world is at our feet and we no longer need to struggle quite so hard to achieve our goals.

Power dressing is an important aspect of female empowerment, because it allows us to present ourselves in the best possible way and establish our authority and expertise in the workforce. In the corporate world, everyone knows that leaving a good first impression is of the paramount importance, and the right clothes can help you do just that.

So, how do you express yourself through your outfits? Is there a way to look both professional and still showcase your good taste? Absolutely.

Find a good fit

Pantsuits and knee-length skirts paired with blazers are the staple of work-appropriate attire. You want to have several suits in your closet, but here’s the deal – they all need to be a perfect fit.

The Secrets To Powerful Dressing now

If you have a choice between getting ten cheap, poorly fitted suits, and getting just two perfectly-tailored expensive suits that fit you like a dream, always choose the latter. You wouldn’t believe how big of a difference does a proper fit make, especially if you have something custom-sewn by a tailor. Your shirts, blouses and accessories can easily be switched around to give it variety, so stick exclusively to pieces that look and feel perfect when worn.

Have day to night outfits ready

From all the chores, work projects, family obligations and burdensome errands it’s amazing we even get the chance to sleep occasionally, let alone go out. But, social life is important, and instead of wasting time by going back home to change, you can easily create multipurpose outfits.

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Sleek dresses with shoulder cutouts are perfect for a night out, but put a blazer over it and you’re ready for the office. You can also pair a pencil skirt and a lacy blouse and then cover it up with a cardigan or a soft sweater, letting only a hint of a lace collar to show. While at work, it’s prim and almost conservative, but take the sweater off in the evening and you’re going to be downright sexy. Keep a colourful scarf and some makeup in your bag and you can easily transform in only a few minutes.

The perfect accessory

In Australia, business etiquette dictates that punctuality and eye-contact are essential when it comes to business meetings. It is similar in Europe, but America sometimes lags behind, and there are too many instances of accidentally offending a client with tardiness and a lack of proper manners. Of course, you wish to avoid that, so why not follow the example of our sisters from Down Under?

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Beautiful luxury watches are very popular with businesswomen, because they are the most perfect accessory a lady can wear. It complements any outfit, it helps you stay punctual, and it gives you the appearance of someone responsible and hardworking. It’s especially great in this time of smartphones and people who rely on technology a little bit too much.

Put comfort first

Sure, stilettos are sexy and you’re going to look great in them, but are you really going to spend the whole day standing on a pair of extremely uncomfortable shoes? Times have changed, and heels are no longer required in most workplaces.

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If you enjoy heels, don’t go over the three-inch mark and make sure to see your podiatrist regularly. Otherwise, wear flats and Oxford shoes – amazingly stylish and easy on your feet, too!

Give everything a personal touch

Do you have a favourite pair of earrings? A scarf that you hold dear? Then wear that as often as you like. While you don’t want to come to work in a clown suit (unless you’re a clown), a pop of colour here and there will give your outfits vibrancy and show off your sense of style.

pop of colour - fashion dressing

It’s important that our outfits show off our personality. If you dress well, you will look committed to your job, and other people will be bound to like you more. Choose outfits that show the world that you aim to succeed, and that you’re eager to get some work done.


By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.


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