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Super Blogger Nicole Warne Reveals What’s Behind Those Spectacular Gary Pepper Girl Photos

It was the photo which made us all go “Wow”, and changed the course of this blogger’s career.  

With more than 60,000 instagram shares in the first 24 hours, the result of a collaboration between Lancome and Nicole Warne (, that shot of her in a French lavender field went viral.

Here Nicole talks to Style Editor Lizzie Renkert about the processes behind her iconic pictures.

Lose yourself in these stunning images from

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Nicole Warne is an ambassador for Lavazza and is the first global ambassador for Donate Planet, the global online donation hub. 

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What’s your favourite image in the gallery above? Tell us in the comments below! 


Written by Lizzie Renkert

Interiors, fashion, design or style, former Editor of Madison and former Deputy Editor of marie claire magazine, Lizzie Renkert knows how to spot a trend and turn it into an achievable and affordable look. Join Lizzie here as she transforms rooms and wardrobes at The Carousel.


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