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Kyly Clarke Talks Fashion, Fitness & The Launch Of Her New Homewares Brand

Kyly Clarke Talks Fashion, Fitness & The Launch Of Her New Homewares Brand

She wears many different hats, from model and presenter to interior designer and wife of Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, but Kyly Clarke’s talents don’t stop there.

Kyly is a true lover of life who has made ‘beautiful living’ her daily practice. Her blog Lyfestyled (LS) draws on current trends and insider secrets to give you all the inspiration and practical tips you need to look and feel beautiful everyday.

A religious daily ritual of lighting candles and having incense around her has resulted in the launch of her luxurious range of high class soy scented candles and diffusers – also called Lyfestyled – which deliver a balance of luxe and inspirational aromas.

I sat down with Kyly to talk fashion and fitness as well as her new homewares brand Lyfestyled.

What does a day in the life of Kyly Clarke involve?

Way too many emails! I love to start my day with a fitness session in the morning, and then it’s back to back emails and meetings to create what is LS and all that comes with it. From orders, to stockists and distribution meetings, organising the launch and upcoming events.

Describe your style uniform…

My easy go to pieces are skinny blue jeans, a nice white T, a black leather jacket and some cute ankle boots.

What was your worst fashion moment?

Oh I am more than sure there were a few, but I still sit and wonder how come they were fashion then and the you look back and think to yourself that wasn’t quite right.

What inspired you to start Lyfestyled Homewares?

The ritual of lighting a candle sparked the idea of a way to allow others to experience my global travels through the power of aroma. A way to transport yourself back in time, remember a special moment shared, or take you to a new destination yet to be discovered. I wanted others to be able to experience what I have been grateful enough to experience and enjoy the luxury of these aromas on a daily basis in their own space.


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Do the aromatic scents of your candles and diffusers take you back to a special moment in your life?

Absolutely. That’s where the inspiration came from, my global travels to Tahiti, England, Thailand, India, South Africa, Paris and Hawaii. That’s where I got the inspiration to create the elegantly powerful scents. So many wonderful memories, one that is super special to me is the amount of time spent with my husband Michael in England, I love the history and I have always felt like I am an old soul, and I’m extremely fond of England it is surrounding and old historical buildings. English Pear & Rhubarb takes me back to the English gardens and high teas.

Why do you think the power of scent is so important?

Lyfestyled’s candles and scents help to place you in a state of relaxation; a state that centres you while you work and relaxes you when you want to unwind, providing an essence of pure luxury in your own space. Scents give you the chance to transport yourself back in time, remember a special moment shared, or take you to a new destination yet to be discovered.  Lyfestyled’s scents are your home’s charisma and will elegantly style your home through the power of aroma.

You’re a busy woman! From model and presenter to interior designer, what do you do to relax and unwind?

I love spending time with my family, my cousin also has a farm and it’s so nice to all meet there, bring a dish and have a BBQ and a whole heap of laughs. I never laugh as much as I do with my Sister and my cousin Angela. We make anything fun and funny and I love that about us. Nothing phases us when we are together it’s just pure love, and laughter.


Image courtesy of Instagram

Does your hubby Michael Clarke enjoy your Lyfestyled massage candles?

I am pretty sure he will continue to say yes for a long time yet, because when I come out with new scents his says “ oh babe you’ll have to try that one on me now” haha !

Coming from a beauty therapist background I also studied massage so I’m going to say he has it good. He loves the fact that massage candles are not easy to come by and that Lyfestyled now focuses on that side of candles as well and it’s a unique offering in the market.

What are some of your top tips for a healthy lifestyle?

Eating well! That comes from fresh produce, eating before 8pm and making sure you eat as clean as possible.  Stay active, whether it’s through forms of strong fitness, leisurely activities or playing outside with your kids or taking the dogs for a walk.

Describe your fitness routine…

I love hitting the treadmill of a 30min run and then 25 mins of weights. On the weekends I enjoy getting out and about and taking the dogs for a long walk down to Watsons Bay. I get to enjoy gorgeous views along the way.


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What are some of your go to beauty products and why?

I am a huge fan of Model Co’s LashXtend, I love products that do the perfect job and no smudging or panda eyes is important to me. Estée Lauder’s face creams form day to night always serve me well, especially the hydration during winter.

Describe your perfect interior space…

I love clean contemporary lines. A mainly monochromatic feel with a slight touch of colour. Custom made couches and dining chairs give a personal touch to the space. A great piece of art work can be a wonderful talking point. I love an abundance of throw cushions and rugs, it adds warmth and that homely feeling.

What’s next for Kyly Clarke?

I hope to extend the collection in the future but I always believe that you need to crawl before you walk. I am 100% focus on Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke and creating a brand that everyone will love for years to come. I have another exciting venture that I am quietly working on that will be a beautiful compliment to what Lyfestyled stands for.


Image courtesy of Instagram

Your last purchase was… Bassike Wool coat for my travels to the UK.

Your favourite wardrobe staple is … A casual basic white T.

Your favourite place in the world is… Where my husband is.

Your favourite thing to do on the weekend is… Spend time with Michael and my dogs.

Your favourite designer is… That’s a hard one because I would have a few a feel I can always call on like Scanlan and Theodore, Ginger & Smart, Alex Perry, Josh Goot, Bassike and Camilla and Marc.

Your weakness is… The gym.

Shop the Lyfestyled range here.

Do you have a favourite candle scent? What memory does it bring back for you? Tell us below…

Written by Annabelle Oayda

Annabelle Oayda is an all round creative with multidisciplinary experience across a range of fields within the design and digital industries. She is an online producer, stylist, photographer and graphic designer. Annabelle completed a Bachelor of Design in Styling and Creative Direction and a Masters degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

After two years as The Carousel’s Online Producer, Annabelle has relocated to London to spread her wings in the media industry.

Annabelle continues to contribute to The Carousel as a Fashion Expert.

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