Oscars.. The Ones to Watch

Lupita Nyong'o
Henry Roth


Feb 28, 2014

Positioned on the front line of the Oscars’ red carpet this year, fashion designer, media commentator and Roth Outlet Director Henry Roth, offers his guide on who to watch out for this year.

Number 10: Dame Judi Dench 

Her Billboard: Aging with gracious confidence, Dame Judi Dench is iconic with a style that celebrates her maturity without temptation to gimmick at “youthful” influences.

Her Style: Definite and classic. Colours and fabrications are expected. Her winter white look at the Floriade was quintessential.

Number 9: Amy Adams 

Her Billboard: Controlled, refined, and always in fashion to the minute. She holds a twist of style that may not always be expected.

Her Style: Old Hollywood Classic yet creatively challenges preconceptions by adding contemporary avant-garde. Bold colours are expected.

Number 8: Charlize Theron 

Her Billboard: Sexy Glamour. She knows how to sizzle without going too far or compromising herself. She loves it, wears it and owns it.

Her Style: As if she has just stepped off the runway in London, Paris or Milan. Charlize understands and uses the powers of her high voltage appeal with global resonance. Expect eye-catching glamour.

Number 7: Sandra Bullock 

Her Billboard: Polished immunity, assertive and highly glamorous .

Her Style: Sandra has evolved as she understands more about the power of style. Her image is high-taste, high-reaching and high-achieving. Expect her in a beautiful gown that is strong and stands out.

Number 6: Cate Blanchett

Her Billboard: Quintessentially Australian with an avant-garde fresh approach to fashion.

Her Style: Triumphant. Cate is always prepared to take chances. While being scruntised by millions she remains sexy, confident and fearless. Expect the unexpected.

Number 5: Meryl Streep 

Her billboard: A look, style or significant signature which is not over-thought.

Her Style: Substance over style. She is a symbol of her art, fashion is an interesting and enjoyable part of belonging to Hollywood but is not necessarily being part of her existence.

Number 4: Nicole Kidman 

Her Billboard:  The Australian that did. She is the poster girl for “it” trends. She has championed through the years with style, substance, obsessions, covering sunglasses, oversized handbags, fabulous heels and ‘just so’ tousled hair.

Her Style: Mysterious, fragile yet exceptionally confident. She’s from an original Hollywood set taking fashion to a completely new level of importance. Expect elegance, edginess and lux.

Number 3: Jennifer Lawrence 

Her Billboard: Fresh, young and trending.

Her Style: Jennifer pushes to the edge and is certainly no follower. Expect glamour and something different.

Number 2: Angelina Jolie 

Her Billboard: Queen of quirky, sexy, mystery and glamour.

Her Style: Tantalizes with surprise and breaks convention with seemingly innocent intentions. Her recent reinterpretation of Le Smoking from Saint Laurent at the BAFTAs and her ‘back to front’ Max Azria almost parodying the 70s. Only Angelina can get away with the global smirks. Expect nothing less.

Number 1: Lupita Nyong’ O

Her Billboard: She is the face of stunning, fresh, flawless beauty. She represents the beauty of confidence, uncluttered, unworked, natural and not overdone. 

Her Style: Lupita is the Queen of solid colours. She is optimistic with a sense of purpose. Expect confidence that cannot be questioned and bright colours.


By Henry Roth


Henry Roth made his name as a wedding designer. His name is on the lips of brides around the world and his haute couture wedding gowns are the dresses of dreams. When you see his creations, you’ll know why he’s the go-to bridal designer for some of the most beautiful women in the country.You’ll also recognise him from his delightfully entertaining and often outspoken turn as co-host of Australia’s Project Runway with Kristy Hinze. Now he brings his flair for the fabulous to The Carousel as he rescues brides and bridesmaids alike from imminent Big Day disaster! Don’t look away, Australia, because you’ll want to see what Henry has in store for Australian bridezillas and wallflowers alike. Contact: editor@thecarousel.com


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