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The Glam Wedding Guest: 4 Rules To Rock Your Look

The Glam Wedding Guest: 4 Rules To Rock Your Look

You’ll be outshining the bride with these star-studded beauty and confidence boosting tips…

Weddings take the cake for special occasions and dressing-up, so it’s only natural that you will want to look and feel amazing. To take the pressure off, we’ve revealed the four key tricks to rock your wedding look…

1. Make up a Great Make-up Look

For day weddings in religious spaces, go for more natural looks and highlight one key feature. That could be lined or shimmering eyes, plump lips or glowing cheeks, then keep the rest understated.

For late afternoon and evening events, you can go bolder and brighter. Smokey eyes, a cerise lip or bold red, shimmering eye colours and stronger cheekbones look super glamourous – but not all at once! Remember to focus on one feature.

Make-up that still looks fresh as a daisy 12 hours after applying can be a challenge, so heed this advice. Use a primer first. It’s the secret to longevity, makes a great base and prevents foundation from doing a disappearing act thanks to all that kissing, face touching, sweating and the hours ticking on.

Next, choose your foundation with care. Don’t get a heavy matte for day weddings, lighter is better, will look more natural and give you glow. And remember, applying ‘more’ foundation does not equal ‘lasting longer’. In fact, it will sit in face creases and look cakey – and not in a good ‘wedding cakey’ way. Instead, slip a sample size foundation into your clutch for touch-ups when required.

If you’re likely to cry during the vows, use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Applying an eye primer first will prevent the eyeliner smudging and heading south. Likewise, a lip primer is perfect for all that kissing… Apply, let dry, apply your lip colour or gloss, blot with a tissue, then reapply a second coat. If your lips bleed, use a lip liner first, smudge colour into lip and apply a light weight lipstick – nothing sticky.

Great Buys


Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer, $30, Maybelline Colossal Volum’Express Mascara, $19.95, Rimmel London ScanlEyes Thick & Thin Liner, $12.95, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SFP15, $68.

2. Brighten Your Smile!

You wouldn’t turn up to a wedding without make-up and no look is complete without a beaming bright, white smile.  A fresh, radiant smile will have you feeling more confident and in all those snaps, and it’s easy to DIY.

Use lip colours with a blue undertone which will make your teeth appear whiter – reds are a great pick, but pinks and oranges work just as well if that’s more your palette.

For a super-speedy whiter and brighter smile, make the Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips your new best friend. Applying the Whitestrips to your teeth is easy – you simply place them on your teeth (they will mould to the shape), and the tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide will have them sparkling 30 minutes later.


Apply them while you’re doing your make-up. For added wedding wow factor, apply the Whitestrips twice daily in the lead-up and you’ll see years of teeth staining vanish… This star product has a star studded support friend too, the Oral-B 3D White LUXE Glamourous Toothpaste, which literally polishes away stains in just one day for a visibly shinier smile. For ‘whiter than the bridal dress results’, use it daily – not only will you score shiny smooth surfaces, but you’ll also be preventing future stains from accumulating.


3. Create a Mane Attraction

Great hair will make you feel… great! And the easiest way to get this is to invest a little TLC. A weekly hair mask or treatment in the month leading up to the wedding will condition, nourish and add shine for voluminous glossy locks. Make sure you schedule in any hairdressing appointments at least one week prior to the big event so trims, colour and cuts have time to settle in. Don’t try a drastic new style, cut or colour too close to the big day – if you don’t like the outcome, you’ll be stressed and unhappy. You need to shine!

Great Buys


Moroccan Intense Hydrating Mask, $44.50, Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Boost Shampoo and Conditioner, $24.95 each.

4. Choose A Figure Flattering Dress

Understanding the areas of your body you want to highlight, and those you’d rather disguise, will save you years of wardrobe stress and costly fashion mistakes. It will also help boost your body confidence instantly – you feel great when you look your best. Think about what body features you love – is it a small waist, long legs, or perhaps your great bust? Then choose outfits that highlight these features, like tailored waists, short dresses or V-necks which will make these the focal points.


The Hourglass

Typically small waisted with equally proportioned shoulders and hips, creating a figure ‘8’ silhouette.

Best picks: Make your waist the focus with cinched-in waist styles, or add a feature belt. Fitted tops or dresses with deep V-necks also work to draw the eye downwards to waist, bonus!

Avoid: Empire lines, shift dresses, maxi dresses, square-cut tops and anything that disguises your waist.


The Oval

Narrow shoulders and slender legs, with a wider waist and tummy.

Best picks: Choose styles that will create shape and move the eye around the body, rather than square block colours, which will emphasise a wider waist and tummy. V-necks, one-shoulder styles, asymmetrical seams, pleats or ruching that works diagonally from top to bottom are great, as are light-weight fabrics that skim over the tummy.

Avoid: Clingy fabrics, dresses cut on the bias, square block colours and fitted tops, and dramatic mid-section detailing, ruffles and embellishments.


The Pear

Narrow shoulders, a small bust and a generous bottom half.

Best picks: Styles that are fitted from the waist up, and loosely drape or skim the bottom half. You want the focus to be ‘up top’ – V-necks, detailing, one-shoulder styles, embellishments and belts will all do this.

Avoid: Styles that are fitted from the waist down or too loose on the top.


The Inverted-Triangle

Broad shoulders with a narrow waist and hips.

Best picks: Styles that create curves and balance your top half with the bottom half. Deep V-necks draw the eye from top down, sweetheart necklines create movement and shape, asymmetrical shoulders disguise broadness and create interest, and cinched waists with feature belts (think sparkly), will make that the focal point. A-line skirts or dresses will balance the top and bottom half.

Avoid: Ruffles on top, fabric layering and heavy textures.

What are some of your beauty and fashion tips to rock your wedding look? Tell us below…

Written by Franki Hobson

Franki Hobson has worn many hats during her many years as a women's lifestyle journalist and editor. Her launching pad was COSMOPOLITAN magazine, where she moved from News & Entertainment Editor to Features Director, covering everything from the legalisation of the Morning After Pill to Gwen Stefani, fashion, beauty, sex, health, fitness, entertainment and relationships.

Franki Hobson is a contributing lifestyle writer for The Carousel.

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