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How To Steal Amal Clooney’s Style with these Easy Fashion Tips

How Amal & George Celebrated Their Second Anniversary3

Of course it doesn’t hurt that her main accessory is swoon-worthy husband George Clooney, but Amal has taken New York’s (and the world’s) collective breath away with her incredible talent and enviable sense of style – not to mention her hubby. 

Born in Beirut, raised in London, Amal is no stranger to Manhattan, having lived there for the most part of the 2000’s, but never has she (nor George) attracted quite this much attention. The paparazzi doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to their nocturnal wanderings around New York, nor does it lose a fashionable footstep she takes at her various appointments.

Envious? Definitely…Well, if we can’t have her life, we can at least copy her style.

Here is our guide to getting Amal’s chic look…


1 AJ Morgan – oversize sunglasses, $29

2 River Island – Sleeveless embellished collar shirt, $68

Cédric Charlier – Asymetric satin skirt, $362

4 ASOS – Shopped bag, $55

5 Diavolina – Aleesa Heels, $149.95

What do you love about Amal’s look? Tell us in the comments below!…

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