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Harper & Harley’s Sara Donaldson Talks Wardrobe Staples

Harper & Harley's Sara Donaldson Talks Wardrobe Staples

Sara Donaldson is the blogger behind the Australian fashion blog, Harper & Harley. Dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration in the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces, all while staying true to her relaxed chic black, white and grey philosophy.

Harper and Harley is a destination, not only for inspiration on how to wear these key pieces, but also as a guide for those who wish to follow suit and eliminate colour from their wardrobes.

I sat down with Sara to chat about fashion, beauty and her exciting role in season two of Fashion Bloggers.

What does a day in the life of Sara Donaldson involve?

After an early walk with the dogs I jump on my emails to try to get on top of of what’s come in from the night before while the northern hemisphere is still awake and before the southern hemisphere heads into work. An instagram is usually also scheduled for the morning and putting up a blog post in the morning is also ideal.

Then its off to the office where i’ll be working on creating content, meeting with brands or on the phone with my managers.


Photography by Ana Suntay-Tanedo.

You’re always on the move, what’s your trick to keeping comfy and stylish while travelling?

It’s important for me to be myself while travelling, so remember to pack your favourite things makes me at ease. Nothing worse than getting to your location and needing to buy several things that you forgot to pack. This mainly includes my beauty products.

What was your favourite fashion memory from filming Fashion Bloggers so far and why?

Definitely in the Arabian Desert from our recent trip to Dubai. Think flowing fabrics and endless dunes. I cannot wait to relive it when I watch the episode.


Photography by Ana Suntay-Tanedo.

What was your worst ever fashion moment?

I’ve had many! the whole decade between 10-20 years old is full of cringe. There weren’t any fashion bloggers, instagram or pinterest back then and the 2000s doesn’t get referenced often for fashion moments, just saying.

Your wardrobe mostly consists of black, white and grey. If you had to introduce a bright colour what would it be, and why?

Blue would be the only one that i’m border line on. I wear blue denim and navy, which I classify as neutrals, but you could definitely argue i’m wearing colour when I wear them.


Photography by Ana Suntay-Tanedo.

Your foundation/base always looks amazing. What do you use, and why do you like each product? (answer can be a mix of skincare and makeup)

Its all about looking after your skin first, but I dilute my foundation with moisturiser and add illuminator in as well so the coverage is light, moisturising and leaves your skin with a subtle glow.

What’s your favourite way to experiment with makeup – is it with eyeshadows, blush or lipstick? And why do you love doing so?

Wearing a lip creates the biggest transformation I think, and only takes a moment to apply. You can also change up the hue from a light colour to quite dark and moody so it’s really fun to experiment with.


Image from Harper & Harley.

Your last purchase was… A black Josh Goot skirt
Your favourite wardrobe staple is… White T-shirts
Your favourite place in the world is… Where my partner is.
Your favourite thing to do on the weekend is… Not work.
Your favourite designer is… Josh Goot
Your biggest weakness is… hot chips

Shop the Harper & Harley look below…


1 HOPE – Lean roll neck sweater, $310

2 La Perla – Light and Shadow balconette bra, $431

3 Illesteva – Leonard round-frame sunglasses, $256

4 BYREDO – Oliver Peoples perfume, $175

5 Victoria Beckham – Flared midi skirt, $1763

6 Dune – Pony effect pointed flat, $136



What do you love about Harper & Harley? Tell us below…

Written by Annabelle Oayda

Annabelle Oayda is an all round creative with multidisciplinary experience across a range of fields within the design and digital industries. She is an online producer, stylist, photographer and graphic designer. Annabelle completed a Bachelor of Design in Styling and Creative Direction and a Masters degree in Public Relations and Advertising.

After two years as The Carousel’s Online Producer, Annabelle has relocated to London to spread her wings in the media industry.

Annabelle continues to contribute to The Carousel as a Fashion Expert.

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