Blogger Style: Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox Talks Secret Beauty Tricks

Blogger Style Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks
Annabelle Oayda

Annabelle Oayda

Jul 09, 2015

Amanda began her career as an Australian contemporary artist, and after just four years after she created her blog Oracle Fox, she has become one of Australia’s most prominent fashion influencers.

Together Oracle Fox and The Oracle Fox Journal serve as the foundation for Amanda’s creative agency showcasing her personal works as a photographer and stylist as well as her collaborations with leading industry creatives.

I sat down with Amanda to chat about her secret beauty tricks and her exciting role in season two of Fashion Bloggers.

What does a day in the life of Amanda Shadforth involve?

There really is no average day – each day is completely different and always full with projects, editing, writing, photography etc. It’s not unusual to have to drop everything and run outside for an impromptu shoot if the perfect lighting appears or inspiration strikes. It’s best just to roll with the punches have no set plans for the day ahead.

You’re always on the move, what’s your trick to keeping comfy and stylish while travelling?

I think it’s really important to have a base wardrobe that you work with, so key pieces that you can throw on that always make you feel good. It’s usually the pieces that people compliment on that make you feel the best. For me this is a pair of well fitting jeans, a cool leather jacket with edgy hardware and simple cut classic shirt, always chic and effortless and the perfect fall back outfit for travel.

Blogger Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks

Photography by Liz McLeish

What was your favorite fashion memory from filming Fashion Bloggers so far and why?

Being able to be backstage with Toni Maticevski at Australian Fashion week right before his beautiful Spring Summer show was really special. Toni and I are good friends and it was so fun to share such an important moment with him, it is incredible how calm and funny he was before his beautiful designs hit the runway. It was definitely a wonderful personal moment for me as well as something that was so nice to capture on camera to give the viewers really special access to.

What was your worst ever fashion moment?

My favourite boots fell apart right in the middle of a very big shoot that I was photographing recently… I had to get around for the whole day with my boot duct taped back together, not one of my best looks.


Image courtesy of Oracle Fox

As well as fashion blogger and many other impressive titles, you are also a contemporary artist. What’s the relationship between starting Oracle Fox and your work as an artist?

From an early age I always had a love for drawing and painting and throughout high school I received awards for my work in art. After finishing school I decided to focus on making a living out of being an artist and was lucky enough to exhibit both nationally and internationally which allowed me to be held as a respected photo-realist in the industry for several years. Art has always been an integral part of my journey and now I use that creative space mentally with my photographic and styling work for Oracle Fox and the Oracle Fox Journal.

What’s your vision for Oracle Fox in the future?

There is no denying that Oracle Fox has taken me on some amazing adventures, and allowed me to realise many of my goals, some which were previously just a dream and I am truly humbled by this. My ultimate career goal is to continue to grow the Oracle Fox brand and to share beautiful original content with my readers. To be honest my greatest competitor is myself, so I am always working on pushing through my own boundaries and limitations, this is a really satisfying process and serves as an ongoing challenge which is showcased through my work. Being a fine artist by trade I have high expectations and I am extremely critical of my own work. I am serious about my photographic and styling projects and I would love seeing Oracle Fox as a serious fashion platform. I treat Oracle Fox as an online magazine and I am very committed to being consistent and professional with my approach.

Fashion Blogger Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks

Image courtesy of Oracle Fox

Your skin is always glowing on camera. What’s your secret trick?

I can’t get in front of the camera without illuminator, it makes a huge difference and really does makes your skin glow. I quite like Bikram Yoga and do like to eat healthy so I think this really helps too.

What are 3 beauty products that we’d find in your handbag? Why do you like using each product?

Chanel black eyeliner (always), Paw Paw ointment for nice soft lips and a bottle of water – it’s the best thing you can do for your skin.

Fashion Blogger Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks 2

Image courtesy of Oracle Fox

Your last purchase was…  A Stella McCartney buckle sweater for winter
Your favourite wardrobe staple is … My Alexander Mcqueen blazer
Your favourite place in the world is… Hanalei Bay in Kauai
Your favourite thing to do on the weekend is… Catch up with friends, go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal with my hubby who I hardly every see because I’m working.
Your favourite designer is… Toni Maticevski

Shop Amanda’s look below…

Blogger Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks 3

1 ASOS – Chunky frame sunglasses, $24

2 Seed – Dipped roll neck sweater, $149.95

3 Balmain – Stretch leather skinny pants, $3665

4 ASOS – Fiorelli across body bag, $78

5 Nine West – Tabata boot, $199.95

Fashion Blogger Amanda Shadforth Beauty Tricks 4

Fashion Bloggers airs Thursdays at 9.30pm on E!


By Annabelle Oayda

Annabelle Oayda

Annabelle Oayda is an all round creative with multidisciplinary experience across a range of fields within the design and digital industries. She is an online producer, stylist, photographer and graphic designer. Annabelle completed a Bachelor of Design in Styling and Creative Direction and a Masters degree in Public Relations and Advertising. After two years as The Carousel’s Online Producer, Annabelle has relocated to London to spread her wings in the media industry. Annabelle continues to contribute to The Carousel as a Fashion Expert.


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