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Designer Bianca Spender Reveals Her Creative Inspiration

Bianca Spender laughs with Style Editor, Lizzie Renkert about one of her more unusual gowns. “I said to my team ‘Have I just created a Goth dress?'”.   

Bianca Spender describes her greatest influence on her designs to be ‘modern poetry’. Bianca Spender, the brand is a combination of classic sophistication with a twist of the modern day woman. Designed using earthy tones, Bianca reveals to The Carousel viewers her first attempt at digital printing and her own unique twist on floral and textures.

Written by Lizzie Renkert

Lizzie Renkert is the Co-founder of We Are Kindred. Previously she was the Editor of Madison and former Deputy Editor of marie claire magazine. Lizzie Renkert knows how to spot a trend and turn it into an achievable and affordable look. Lizzie is also a contributor for The Carousel.

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