Angela Bishop’s Red Carpet Ready Rules

Angela Bishop's Red Carpet Ready Rules
Franki Hobson


Jan 10, 2016

Designer Dress Code: What to wear

“I’m wearing a dress by Parker New York that I bought late last year while in the US for work. It is sequined and short, which makes it easier for me to run around on the night. I remember being in the ladies room with Sofia Vergara a couple of years ago, and she needed to take two helpers into the cubicle with her just to handle her frock while she answered a call of nature.”

Angela Bishop's Red Carpet Ready Rules
Sofia Vergara looks stunning but this gown requires a team to handle! Image: @larevistaactual.

Fancy Feet: If the shoe fits

“My shoes will be nude Christian Louboutin pumps. I have worn these on the red carpet for the past couple of years and they’re not too bad. The secret is to buy them half a size too big and put a foam insole under the ball of the foot. Oh, and losing twenty kilos helped too – not as much blubber for my feet to hold up!

My jewellery will be just simple earrings, as the dress is blingy enough.”

"My trusty Louboutins, which will get another outing this year."
“My trusty Louboutins, which will get another outing this year.”

Fashion Forecast: The planning

“I am always on the lookout for Awards frocks, especially when travelling, and then work out which ceremony I will wear them to. It is going to be very cold at this year’s Globes, but as you can guess that doesn’t really stop anyone flashing flesh, including me. I already have G’Day USA and the International AACTA awards outfits sorted for later this month, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an Oscars gown.”

Clashing Prints: What not to wear

“Dressing for camera is important. A busy print really doesn’t work because it can strobe, and you don’t want something too fiddly like a strapless dress that you have to keep tugging at all the time. My work day at awards shows tends to be about 15 hours long. I learned the hard way at last year’s Emmys that white isn’t a good idea because it is hard to keep it clean for that long when you are crammed in on a carpet with journalists touching up their makeup and cameramen lugging gear.

At one of the after parties tins were given out containing a lipstick and a pair of gold ballet flats – everyone, even the biggest celebrities, wore them for the trip home.”

Stay-Put Hair: Great lengths

“I have a couple of go-to hairstyles that I know last the distance – my days of experimenting are long gone. Busy dress = straight hair, simple dress = some waves. I try to get a trim a few days before a big event so it’s in good nick and then I get my hair done at the Drybar on Sunset Boulevard, where they do blow dries in 30 minutes for $US40.”

Angela Bishop's Red Carpet Ready Rules
Left, Angela Bishop at the Emmy’s, right, Angela with Cate Blanchett at the AACTAs. Images: @angelabishop10

Make- Me Up: Pro’ versus DIY

“I get my makeup done for all the US awards ceremonies at Blushington on Sunset Boulevarde (next door to Drybar, so it’s very handy). I wear long-wear foundation by Stila, which I find lasts the distance and doesn’t get shiny. I usually show the makeup artist a picture of my dress and let them go from there, as they know me pretty well by now. They do makeup in 45 minutes for $US45 plus extra for some lashes, so it’s quick and convenient.”

Angela Bishop's Red Carpet Ready Rules
Left, Angela with Channing Tatum, right, with Cody Simpson. Images: @angelabishop10

Celebrity Wardrobes: The red carpet regime

“The celebrities have a very different preparation regime to mine. They have fittings for their gown, which are loaned by the top fashion houses usually via a stylist. They might do makeup trials, although most work with artists they have worked with many times and simply trust them on the day.”

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By Franki Hobson


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