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Brooch Revival – A Comeback Of The Stylish Accessory

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In the recent fashion seasons, we have spotted brooches shining in the runway and red carpet and worn by celebrities. This only means that this accessory has been revived and notable fashion lines like Chanel, Boucheron, and others are once again adding these jewels into their collections. Not to mention that these fashion Maisons made these pieces shine with glamour and attitude complementing one’s outfit.

Hence, what’s not to love about these classy and elegant ornamental pieces, right?

Classy and Elegant Pieces

Recalling the history of brooches, these pieces are more than just a bling. Many modern women today find these adornments classy and elegant. Just as each person has their own style, one can never regret to strut their outfit with sophistication.

The resurgence of this bejeweled pieces only confirms that these are on-trend accessories. These creations are gaining favour among the high-class rich and are becoming increasingly extravagant and elaborate. To make these jewels worthy of an investment, jewelers created features that transform these pieces from brooch to pendant, headpiece or earrings.

Are brooches only for the rich? No. In fact, there are available brooches that looks expensive but pocket-friendly.

Variety of Chic Styles

If you’re looking for affordable brooches to compliment your look, at Boho Brooches, you can find all sorts. They have Australia’s best range of brooches making your shopping experience enjoyable. The brooches come in different styles, colours and sizes to choose from.

Types of Brooches

Made in antiqued metals, crystals, and faceted glass, Boho Brooches surely can make a statement. As aforementioned, they come in variety.

    • Lapel Pins – This type of brooches are the traditional ones that come in different designs with a pin attached allowing you to secure it in your garment.
    • Vintage – Vintage is very popular. This is a classic type of brooch and it can give one a bohemian or hipster loo.
    • Cameo – This kind of brooch is known for its intricate design and is popular during the 19th and 20th century. A common cameo brooch design is a portrait of a lady in a lighter colour with a contrasting background.
  • Hat Pins – These are usually in smaller sizes and makes a statement in one’s hat. Hat pins come in many designs that can match any headpiece.
  • Brooch Bouquets – This type of brooch is also popular and usually worn on clothes, scarves, and shawls. It is also an alternative to traditional wedding flower bouquet.


Accessorizing with Brooch

Wearing a brooch can be done in many ways. It’s not just for lapels anymore or even for scarves and shawls – brooches expands its places in fashion that can spice up your outfit. Here are some ideas how you can get the look…

Accessorizing with Brooches

On clothings

Accessorize your clothes with different shapes, designs, and coloured brooches. On your dress, you can pin it to where the dress gathers or hugs.

And if you are wearing blouses, a cameo brooch will give you a great look. Also, a bouquet brooch will make a stunning effect as well.

If you are wearing blazers or jackets, try experimenting something in different sizes and colors that match what you are wearing.

As a headpiece ornament

Use the brooches of pearls, diamonds and floral designs to add sophistication in your hair. Use bobby pins to secure the brooch for a dramatic effect. Or if you love wearing headbands, accentuate it sophisticated brooches.

For people who love to wear hats, you can choose matching colors of brooches that can add spark to your outfit.

Brooch Styling

Other Accessories

  • Replacing belt buckles for interchangeable style
  • Can be pinned on bodices and bustiers
  • Accenting purses, shoes and hosiery

Brooch Styling

Looking great with brooches are not only limited to working hours or for just a night out. You can wear brooches every day and any time. The best way to get the look that you wanted is to spend time experimenting your collections of these fine pieces of jewelry and have fun trying them out with your outfits. You’ll be amazed at the versatility that these pieces can offer to your everyday look.

If you’re looking where to buy brooches, you can find them at Boho Brooches. Explore their wide range of fine and beautiful brooches. Just find the right one for you.

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