The 7 Biggest Wedding Dress Mistakes & How To Fix Them

The 7 Biggest Wedding Dress Mistakes & How To Fix Them1
James Graham


Nov 30, 2016

Australian couture wedding gown designer Adam Dixon has seen it all in more than 20 years of helping brides prepare for their biggest day.

So who better to turn to than the star of Say Yes To The Dress: Australia (TLC) to ensure your walk down the aisle goes off without a hitch.

Below he shares with The Carousel seven common wedding dress pitfalls (and how to fix them), and trends to watch for in 2017.

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1. Choosing a dress that doesn’t suit their personality

If the bride is an informal person, she shouldn’t choose a formal dress. The bride should trust their own personal style – there’s no point trying to look like someone else.

2. Listening to too many opinions

It’s true when they say that too many cooks can spoil the broth! The bride should trust her own instincts, and take on the feedback of a few others. When choosing their dress the bride should have the people who know them best and that will be supportive in their decision.

3. Buying a dress a size too small

There are a lot of brides that have the idea in their head that they will lose weight ahead of the wedding, and the dress will fit perfectly. It’s better to choose a dress that suits you – you can always get it tailored to fit you perfectly later!

4. Buying a dress on the Internet

Photoshop is often used to manipulate the way a dress sits on the fit model. You really need to try a dress on in person to see how it looks on you

5. Second guessing your decision

Brides choose their dress for a reason; trust your initial instincts and if you’re having a couture gown made, the person making your dress they’re the experts.

6. Getting worried about the small details

It will all come together in the end.

7. The wedding is not all about the dress

While you should love your gown, your wedding is about the whole day and more importantly, your future together as a couple!

Adam Dixon shares wedding tips

As for trends in 2017, Adam cautions against getting too fixated, as they tend to come and go, but he does have a few to keep in mind below:

  1. Gowns with fluid bias cut lines and small embellishments
  2. Soft silk chiffon skirts that cascade over the hips that become fuller at the hem line
  3. Brides are stepping away from lace, opting for more simple fabrics with subtle details
  4. Dresses that incorporate interesting paneling and Art Deco styling
  5. Empire silhouettes are a lot less popular, with brides typically preferring gowns that define their waist
  6. Big, dramatic over exaggerated bows that adorn the waist, sleeves, and back of the dress
  7. Close fitting gowns with boat necks and dramatic low-cut backs

Say Yes to the Dress: Australia, final airs 7:30pm (AEDT), tonight on TLC. Encore episodes run from December 3-8.


By James Graham


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