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Meet Australia’s Oldest Bridesmaid: She’s 89!


At 89 years of age, Maureen Carney’s lifelong dream of being a bridesmaid finally came true.

The grandmother-of-10 from Ballina, NSW, stunned wedding guests as she walked down the aisle back in 2016 at her granddaughter Rochelle’s wedding.

Meet Australia’s Oldest Bridesmaid: She’s 89!2
Pic credit: Leigh Warner Photography

After Maureen confessed to her granddaughter that not being a bridesmaid was one of her biggest life regrets, she never thought her dream would come true…“Me? An old bird! Silly!”

The great-grandmother of six revealed that she had only been asked to be a bridesmaid once before, but she wasn’t allowed to because of religious reasons.

“You see, my friend was Anglican and I was a Catholic, so I wasn’t allowed to be a bridesmaid in the Anglican church,” she told the Daily Mail.

The news was embraced by the rest of the family; with Maureen’s youngest son gushing all over Facebook – to the father of the groom describing Maureen as a ‘spunk’ in his wedding speech.

Meet Australia’s Oldest Bridesmaid: She’s 89!3

Pic credit: Leigh Warner Photography

Being a bridesmaid at 89, not only meant Maureen could stand by her granddaughter’s side at her wedding, but she got to dress up and wear “the most beautiful dress I’ve ever owned in my lifetime”, thanks to White Runway.

Maureen was thrilled to get her makeup and hair done professionally, wear an embroidered robe and play games at the hen’s party, although she was careful to stick to mocktails only!

Maureen says it really was a dream come true, right down to the chance to indulge her sweet tooth at the dessert bar!

“I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid. I wish we could do it all over again! It was really a special day for both of us.”

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