Groom’s Class: How To Organise A Hot Honeymoon

Groom’s Class: How To Organise A Hot Honeymoon

The age old tradition is for the groom to organise the honeymoon, but if you haven’t got the foggiest where to start, these hot tips will sort you out. Start packing!

Can’t decide between a glamourous European city honeymoon and a secluded beach and turquoise waters? There’s no denying the pressure for grooms to organise the perfect honeymoon. That’s why boutique hotel experts Mr & Mrs Smith launched The Groom’s Room, a hidden online hub where husbands-to-be can plan the perfect honeymoon, far from their bride’s eyes.

Check out these hot honeymoon tips …

1 Keep it real

Would her perfect dinner date include candlelight and white tablecloths or a kerbside food stall? Is she more ‘Paris by night’ or ‘Diving at dawn’? Choose your destination accordingly.

2. Phone a friend 

Did she really enjoy all those kerbside food stalls, or was she just being kind? Just to be sure, get tips from your betrothed’s buddies/sister/mum. Choose who you listen to carefully.

3. Agree the basics

If the destination is to be a surprise, at least agree some basics: beach or mountain? Lavish or low-key? Short-haul or far, far away?


4. Boost the kitty

Chances are you already have a toaster and towels, so direct your guests to a honeymoon gift list instead, and they can treat you to a room upgrade, longer stay or farther-flung experience.

5. Get some help

Weddings can be stressful, but so can fixing up spectacular surprise escapes that meet the most discerning standards. Enlist the (free) help of a honeymoon expert.

To enter the Groom’s Room, grooms are asked to answer one wedding-themed question, designed to separate brides-to-be from grooms-in-need-of-help. Once inside, grooms will find insider tips to ensure a schmaltz-free, bride-bowling-over beginning to married life.

For more honeymoon planning tips and advice visit here.

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