Should The Groom Organise The Honeymoon…?

Should The Groom Organise The Honeymoon…?

Wouldn’t it be easier if weddings, and honeymoons, came with a detailed ‘to do’ list for the bride and groom? Take the guesswork out of what’s expected and plan a stellar honeymoon with this ‘insider’ advice…

Grooms, listen up! If your lovely wife-to-be is about to kick your booty to the curb for not contributing to the wedding prep, make amends with a rocking honeymoon. Boutique hotel experts Mr & Mrs Smith launched The Groom’s Room, a hidden online hub where husbands-to-be can plan the perfect honeymoon, far from their bride’s sparkling eyes. And just to ensure your bride-free privacy, grooms are asked to answer one wedding-themed question designed to identify grooms-in-need-of-help. Once inside, grooms will find insider tips to ensure a schmaltz-free, bride-bowling-over beginning to married life.

In the meantime, we invited James Lohan, CEO and co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith (and happily married for nine years off the back of an excellent honeymoon), to share some tips with grooms planning the all-important honeymoon…

Tradition says the groom organises the honeymoon. Is this still the case?

“Times are definitely changing and guys are much more likely to play an active role in the wedding planning than they did 20 years ago. We know brides take an interest in the honeymoon – of course they do, it’s a once in a lifetime trip. But we also know that the guys often have more to say about a holiday than they do about the intricate details of flower arrangements.”

What are the hot honeymoon trends?

“A lot of couples are now taking ‘mini-moons’, short breaks of one to five nights, immediately after their wedding and then waiting a few months before taking a longer break. Easily accessible but special destinations like Byron Bay, The Mornington Peninsula or Barossa Valley are popular for mini-moons. Classic international destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Hawaii or even a European ‘Grand Tour’ are popular for extended trips. Beach destinations like the Maldives, Bali and Thailand are also incredibly popular for honeymooners, as are Hayman and Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef.”

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What are the biggest ‘honeymoon’ issues couples face?

“Finding a destination that suits both partners is often tricky, particularly if one person wants to fly and flop and the other can’t sit still. Our honeymoon experts are great at finding out what’s important to both the bride and the groom and then shaping itineraries that suit both their needs – finding the balance between activity and relaxation.”

“As it’s the trip of a lifetime, there’s a lot of pressure to get everything right. We try to alleviate at least some of that pressure by only recommending the best boutique hotels in the world. Our expert travel team can then lend an extra helping hand by highlighting some seriously special experiences.”

Your #1 honeymoon tip?

“Don’t forget to tell the hoteliers it’s your honeymoon (if you book with us, of course, we’ll make sure they know). A good hotelier will always look for an excuse to delight a customer, so hand them that opportunity on a plate.”

For more honeymoon planning tips and advice visit here.

Where did you spend your honeymoon (and who organised it!)? Tell us below…

Written by Franki Hobson

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