Bikini Do’s and Don’ts from ‘A Bikini A Day’ Founder, Natasha Oakley

Bikini Dos and Donts

She’s one half of the duo behind A Bikini A Day, which started out as an Instagram phenomenon and is now a fully fledged web business. She and bikini-partner-in-crime, Devin Brugmin, posted daily shots of themselves in bikinis and sharing them on social media. And the internet responded.

With just over 657,000 Instagram followers and 17,100 Facebook followers, the girls sure got onto a good thing.

“I’ve always lived by the beach,” says Natasha, “I grew up on Bronte Beach and had a house in Byron Bay, then lived for two years in Miami and two years in Hawaii. I had a production company in Hawaii and worked with a lot of swimwear brands, shooting videos and lookbooks, so got lots of free bikinis! Devin worked with me at the time and we were always in bikinis, because we were shooting on beaches. We both realised that we had a bikini obsession!”

The original photo-a-day posting quickly turned into a proper website, full of hints and tips on how to keep yourself beach ready all year round. The girls love having a beachy lifestyle, along with all things natural and organic and the content is focused around that.

“We would alternate daily bikini shots between Devin and I. I think that worked well because girls who have a large bust would take to Devin because they could find bikinis to suit them, which is hard when you have a bigger bust.”

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So where does a bikini obsession evolve to?

“It’s like having a shoe obsession or a handbag obsession. I think it’s a symbol of a particular lifestyle. Our swimwear brand is called Monday swimwear and our motto is ‘when you’re in a bikini on a Monday you’re having a good day.’ You know that when you’re lucky enough to be wearing a bikini on a Monday you’re in a beautiful location or maybe taking the day off. Our first capsule collection has already sold out but will be restocked soon.”

Ain’t it the truth? As soon as you put a bikini on you feel like you’re on holidays. Natasha and Devin have taken this feeling and turned it into a business. Clever girls.

“We’ve gone for comfort and what’s flattering on the body. We wear a bikini 365 days a year so know exactly how a bikini should fit to flatter and be comfortable.”

Natasha is now the face of Veet’s new Natural Inspirations range, which is made from up to 100% of naturally sourced products like shea butter, aloe or argan oil.

“It was just a really great fit because I love everything natural and healthy and I am always baring my legs!” she says.

“Choosing Natasha as the ambassador for the Natural Inspirations range was an obvious choice,” says Brand Manager for Veet, Michele Radinovic, “not only does Natasha epitomise summer and natural beauty, but what appealed to Veet most is her desire to promote body confidence, because at Veet, we just want girls to feel confident in their own skin. I think Natasha will really resonate with the Veet girl, so we’re thrilled to have her on board.”

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Natasha’s Biggest Summer Bikini Trends

Having just lived through a northern hemisphere summer, and also attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami (“the biggest event of the year for us bikini connoisseurs,” Natasha jokes), she shares her top trends for the summer swimwear:

  1. Zips.

Think Ursula Andress, Bond-girl style swimwear.

  1. Neoprene.

This has carried on for a few seasons and is getting bigger. Cross surfwear with beachwear.

  1. Mesh paneling.

This is great for shaping the body.

  1. The Rashie

“Every bikini designer had a rashie in their collection,” Natasha notes, “so I think that’s going to be really big in Australia because we’re really aware of sun protection.”

A rashie by a bikini designer rather than a surfwear designer is a great idea we think – pretty rashies so we’ll be encouraged to wear them, rather than turned off.

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Best Bikinis for different body shapes

“I think in terms of bust sizes and bottoms,” says Natasha.

Larger busts:

“Go with an underwire for support. Be careful with triangle bikinis, make sure they have enough coverage, and it’s not something that will cut into your neck and give you neck and back pain.”

Medium busts:

“I would fall into this category. You have more of a range you can wear like bandeaus, triangles, underwires. You can’t really go wrong here as long as you have a good fit and good coverage.”

Small busts:

“Either a triangle or a bandeau. Frills are really good for small girls to build on what isn’t there.”

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Bottom Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: “Find the best style that fits you, and try them on,” encourages Natasha.

DON’T: “Don’t so much worry about the size of it – just because you’re a size 10 doesn’t mean you have to be a size 10 in a particular bikini. Don’t be afraid to go up or down a size.

DON’T: “Be sure it doesn’t dig into your hips which is always unflattering.

DO: “Go for a side tie bottom. They work on anyone because they’re adjustable so they’re never digging in.”

DO: Try a Brazilian Bikini. “I encourage girls to give Brazilian bikinis a try, I think they do wonders for your butt. In Australia we’re not as open to them and we love full coverage but I think everyone should give them a go. It’s worth a try!”

DO: “I think it’s important to look for seamless suits that don’t have so much stitching that they cut into you. That’s when it becomes unflattering. It’s all about embracing your natural figure and rocking what you’ve got, but there are definitely bikinis that are more flattering than others

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So does she ever wear a full piece?

“Yes absolutely! I love a full piece, they’re really been coming in over the last few seasons and especially if you’re in a bikini all the time a full piece can be nice.” Natasha says.

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Image courtesy of A Bikini A Day

Healthy Summer Body Tips

“I think a healthy bikini body is all about the little things. It’s not about going out and drinking a lot then killing yourself at the gym. It’s about eating healthy, finding a workout that you actually enjoy so it doesn’t feel like punishment, drinking a lot of water and little things like moisturizing really often, making sure you have sun protection. There’s a lot of different factors that go into a great bikini body. I think a lot of it has to do with being positive in your own life so you’re confident in a swimsuit. It helps having to put on a bikini every day!”

Have you got your bikini wardrobe ready for summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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