Best Trends to Include in Your Wardrobe in 2019

As fashion goes, 2019 seems to be all about bright colours and fun patterns. Dramatic details such as feathers are present on the runways, and everyone who loves getting stylish knows that now’s the perfect time to experiment and try out new things. As the seasons change and fall slowly starts approaching, shopping is on everyone’s minds—most of us can’t wait to update our wardrobe and start rocking some cute outfits.

Are you eager to wear something new and can’t wait to enjoy all the latest trends? Then take a look at what’s popular right now and make sure to shop for some hot new garments!

Pastels and neons take over

This is something straight from Erdem and Gucci runways—we’re kicking this list off with something big and bold, something that’s perfect for those gals who love showing off their wardrobe and who want to bring something new to the table. Neons and pastels are a surprisingly good match, so ladies, if you want to give people something to talk about, find yourself a pink neon top and then pair it with a pastel pink skirt or trousers. This way you’ll have two shades of the same color, which will make everything super wearable and visually pleasing. It’s generally a good idea to stick to this rule when matching pastel and neon because otherwise the results can look tacky or jarring.

Something safer for the office

Okay, we hear you, not everyone wants to stand out, particularly not at work. Luckily, neutrals are also really in, particularly soft beige. Head to toe tan looks are an easy way of looking polished and professional at the office, and you can utilize trench coats, suits, and long dresses for this purpose. If you don’t think going all beige would suit you, then break the monotony with a pop of pastel here and there, or try using different materials. A silk shirt, a leather skirt, and a linen jacket all in beige can be a powerful combo because the fabrics will give everything more texture and depth and make sure your outfit looks modern, yet still office-appropriate.

Comfort is trendy

2019 is all about female empowerment and, unsurprisingly, this means more comfortable shoes. Ladies are no longer settling for either cozy or pretty because now we get to have both, and we get to enjoy it. Australian women are particularly fond of pairing functionality with their fashion, so a lot of them are returning to old classics like Arizona Birkenstock sandals because they’re simply practical and versatile. Sneakers are also really in, and the “dad sneaker” trend from last year still seems to be popular. Chunky shapes, tie-die prints, and even floral patterns are present, so if you want to update your athleisure style with something interesting, this is a great thing to pick up. If you want something really eye-catching, check out the Pharrell x Adidas collection that is still topping the fashion charts.

Fitted suits

Androgynous styles have been on the rise for several years now, and lady suits are one of the most popular options for when you want to blur the lines of male and female fashion. However, rather than boxy cuts which are currently out, this year we’re going for a more fitted look. Slim trousers paired with well-structured blazers are a great choice not just for the office, but special occasions as well. If you’ve never seen yourself in a fitted suit that looks like it was tailored to your curves, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s feminine, it’s masculine, it’s edgy, and it’s totally hot!

Bring on the drama


Of all the trends, this one is probably the most dramatic one—feathers. Fluffy, fabulous, and completely appropriate for when you want to feel like a diva, and yet surprisingly wearable if you know what you’re doing. You don’t need to don a feather boa to make it work. From Dries van Noten to Loewe, designers gave us skirts, tops, and coats with these details that you can definitely pull off if you pair it with something more neutral. Think of the feathers as an accessory—it’s there to break the monotony, and as long as you make it a detail rather than a whole outfit, you can wear it on a daily basis.

A new take on animal print

This is an easy one. Animal print is a real classic by now, but rather than just leopard, designers are now incorporating more snakeskin and even matching different prints with each other. If you’re feeling bold then try matching your animal print with a floral, but if you want to keep it simple, then stick to a V-neck fit-and-flare snakeskin dress and you’ll have a perfect little party outfit on your hands. Of course, ankle boots are a must!

Gold vs. yellow

In America it might be springtime yellow, but in Australia we’re going for gold. Autumn will bring a lot of shimmery details, so if you want a rich colour that will stand out against your neutrals, you know what to pick. Chanel’s collection perfectly encapsulates this fun little trend, so take it as an inspiration for your outfits.

If you like the new trends and can’t wait to try them out, grab your girlfriends and go to the mall. It’s time for a big shopping spree, so go ahead and enjoy the new fashion!

Written by Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life.

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