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How To Marblize Your Macbook!

How To Marblize Your Macbook!

My love for marble is endless so when I came across a marblize Macbook online, I was ridiculously excited to give it a go myself. I already owned marble contact from another project so it was just a matter of taking the time (10-15 minutes max.) to apply the contact. It can be a bit fiddly but luckily it’s pretty easy to manoeuvre and re-stick. Worst case, it’s not super expensive so you can play around a bit.

What you’ll need:

  • Marble contact – you can find it on ebay or at Bunnings Warehouse
  • Wooden or plastic ruler – found this to be best as it won’t cut into the contact & pushes out the airbubbles.
  • XACTO knife – from Officeworks
  • Scissor



Make sure lid is clean. If it’s slightly damp that’s ok, as it will help to avoid air bubbles as you can move it around until it dries.

Step 1: Peel back the corner of the contact from the film and lay edge down on lid.

Step 2: Hold sheet in one hand and ruler in the other. Use the ruler to push the contact down onto the lid. The ruler guides the contact onto the lid and also smooths bubbles out.

step 2

Step 3: Use scissors to cut off extra contact as close to the edge as possible then use XACTO or Stanley knife to carefully remove any excess around the edge of the lid.

Step 4: Cut out Apple logo with the aforementioned knife.

How To Marblize Your Macbook!

Voilà, your marblized MacBook!

marble macbook

Written by Zoe Stenmark

Zoë Stenmark is the face behind the Australian fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog, Stenmarked.

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A social media consultant and site manager, namely working with revolutionary online donation hub Donate Planet, Zoë also works with clients on both fashion and interior styling.

The Stenmark family is a big one and Zoë is the eldest of three brothers. From a young age she was interested in all things creative. From putting on plays to recording songs, it was clear that creativity was in her blood. Singing and acting from the age of 5, lead her to be actively involved in musicals and productions in high school as well as recording music and dabbling in modelling whilst at university. Zoë continues to love creating in all mediums and is truly passionate about the arts.

Zoë has a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) from Sydney University and completed an internship at The Knot Magazine Australia. She is currently undertaking study in interior decorating.


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