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Jewellery That Makes You Pause And Embrace Life

Jewellery That Makes You Pause And Embrace Life

Lisa began her career as a jewellery designer after studying visual art and said the journey to create beautiful jewellery with special messages was a voyage of discovery that led to developing her own range of contemporary jewellery.

“Designing jewellery has allowed me to be creative and express myself – it’s been my silver lining,” said the award-winning designer and mother of three from the Northern Beaches, Sydney.


Lisa Pittar needed a reminder to pause.
Lisa Pittar needed a reminder to pause. Picture credit: Julie Crespel

Lisa said that after divorcing her husband she was reminded that it was important to pause and take stock.

“It is impossible to take a conscious breath and simultaneously be in the mind, so a palladium ring hand engraved with the word ‘breathe’ became my visual daily reminder,’ said Lisa, describing the inspiration behind one of her designs.

“It worked so well, I intuitively thought of other words that would positively and lovingly inspire esteem. Words of inspirational love; a love letter to myself.”

Love Letters by Lisa Pittar
Love Letters by Lisa Pittar. Picture credit: Julie Crespel. Model: Bianca Dovey

It was through these different stages that Lisa created jewellery that expressed how she felt. Words that were significant to her were used in her creation of modern jewellery. Words such as trust, enthusiasm, experience, serenity and grace all became integral to the creation of her Love Letters range.

Lisa said her Love Letters  jewellery range was designed as “the precious portable reminder for you to listen to your heart.”

She said that it’s important to pause and remember what’s important in life …. you. “My aim is for Love Letters to inspire others to develop greater self-love and be empowered, encouraged, equipped and affirmed to reach their full potential.”

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