Australian Golden Girl Stephanie Rice Shares Her Top Beauty and Health Tips

Australian Golden Girl Stephanie Rice Shares Her Top Beauty and Health Tips


Olympic swimming champion Stephanie Rice - the ambassador of Australian beauty and wellbeing brand, Unichi - shares her beauty and health tips.

Stephanie Rice is a national treasure. We’ve watched her career with huge interest ever since she swum her way to glory at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she won three Olympic Gold medals and has since continued to be a role model to young Australians.

Back then as editor-in-chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly, I had the privilege of putting her on the cover of The Weekly  alongside fellow Olympic swimmers  Leisel Jones and Libby Trickett. In fact, I still have their signed cover hanging on my office wall.

Now, the Aussie Golden Girl has taken on a new role and has become the ambassador of the local beauty and wellbeing brand, Unichi.  

To celebrate Stephanie is sharing her tips and tricks for surviving an Australian winter.

Stephanie Rice Red Dress

Stephanie Rice’s beauty tips

  1. Stay hydrated throughout winter, hydrated skin is the key to a healthy glow. My go-to product is Forty Fathoms’ Skin Regenerator, which made form Tasmania’s brown seaweed, protects and brightens my skin + 2L of water every day.
  2. Avocado oil as a natural body moisturiser throughout winter, although when I’m on-the-go I supplement with Origins of Australia’s Avocado Extract Complex.
  3. Once a month, I love using a hair mask of just plain coconut oil. I keep it in for about 30mins then give it a good wash. My hair always feels so luscious and strong afterwards.
  4. Whenever I have a chance I love getting a blow-dry, nothing makes you feel better than a good blow-out.  
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Australian Golden Girl Stephanie Rice Shares Her Top Beauty and Health Tips


Stephanie’s health + wellness tips

  1. Start your day with a lemon water tea, using half a lemon or lime and a teaspoon of coconut oil in hot water. I’ve recently also been having this with 2  Saffronia tablets which are a natural mood enhancer to make sure I’m kickstarting each day.
  2. Prime your mind for success each day by doing some form of meditation or visualisation exercise. I do this every single day no matter where I am in the world as it keeps me upbeat, positive and optimistic about achieving my future goals.
  3. The key to improving your body is by being consistent, so do 15-20 minute of body weight focused exercise 5 x a week. It’s better to workout four times a week for 20 minutes, than 2 two hours block once a week. The manageable time chunks means you’ll go harder and stay more motivated. 
  4. If you are regularly working out, it’s important to make sure your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients. I take Tannat Grape Seed to help maintain my body’s production of collagen and elastin, which really helps me recover between workouts.


About Unichi

An Australian company established in 2015, Unichi is a smart player in the booming global marketplace. Specialising in women’s health and wellbeing, the company trades health products globally via various E-commerce platforms, Unichi has reached annual sales of AUD $50 million within two years.