Bobbi Brown Starts Mobile Makeovers With Uber

Bobbi Brown Starts Mobile Makeovers With Uber1
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Sep 22, 2016

We’ve already had Uber-partnered promotions for everything from free ice creams to dog petting – now get ready to have your lippy done on the way to the office!

Makeup maestro Bobbi Brown has just launched a new campaign in New York and Los Angeles this week in which Uber riders get free touch-ups from an arsenal of makeup artists, in 10 minutes or less – and the brand picks up the tab for the ride too.


Bobbi herself will join the New York team of 20 Uber-artists, with the same number of staff in operation in Los Angeles on the same day.

They are using items from Bobbi’s new Retouching Collection, as an expansion of the original Retouching Powder into a brand.

Bobbi tells the Los Angeles Times that the Uber makeovers are part of the launch and promotion of two new retouching products, which are hitting US stores the same week.

“I’ve never sat in my bathroom and done my makeup,” Bobbi, who invariably applies her own makeup on the go from the backseat of a car, whether it’s enroute to a black tie event or going to dinner with her husband in the suburbs.

“I’m really good at it. When we go to the golf club for dinner I leave the house with no makeup on, and it takes us exactly six minutes to get there,” she says, which is exactly how long it takes her to do her face.


This is why it was essential that there was a moving vehicle and a backseat of some sort involved in the launch of the Retouching franchise.

The collection, which started with a Retouching Powder two years ago, is getting two new additions: a US$32 Retouching Face Pencil that comes in 10 shades and a US$46 Retouching Wand that comes in nine shades.

Bobbi says the Retouching Pencil, Wand and Powder even and smooth out skin, giving the appearance of having been “retouched.”


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