Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Jul 15, 2020

Want that ‘wide-eyed’ look? 

Here are the insider secrets on how to make your eyes look bigger.

“If you want to make your eyes look bigger, I’ve got a couple of tricks for you to try at home.

Taking a white eyeliner line the lower water line.

I already got a neutral based shadow on, but this brown shadow is going to be strategically placed on the outta corner near the crease.

Use your Brush to measure the shadow is in line with the corner of your brow, then blend upwards and onwards.

Next, apply a pearl cream eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye and along the brow bone. Again this will help to open the eye area up.

As you can see from my eyes now, one looks a lot bigger than the other. It’s that easy.”

What’s your favourite eye makeup trick?  Tell us in the comments below.

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By Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Eleanor Pendleton is a leading authority on all things beauty. The award-winning journalist has been published in some of world’s largest publications including Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and Cosmopolitan Bride. She has also served as Beauty Editor at magazines including InStyle and FAMOUS. Eleanor is responsible for editing the popular beauty website, Gritty Pretty. Here are her stories and videos during her time as The Carousel's Contributing Beauty Editor.


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