How To Apply Individual False Lashes Like a Pro

Sharon Farrell

Jul 08, 2015

Individual lashes add flair and length to your own lashes and, because you place them where you need them most, you have total control over the look.

Sharon Farrell talks us through the best way to apply individuals, with a few handy camouflage tips into the bargain.

To watch how she does it, simply hit play – or simply read the below.

Today I’m going to be helping you out with a beauty product that I think most women struggle with – myself included sometimes – individual false lashes.  

So today I’m using the Eylure individual lashes and I really like this set because it has three different lengths – you’ve got a short, a medium and a long. And that ends up with a much more natural look because you can vary the length of the lashes that you put on usually the shortest on the inside and the longest on the outside.

What I usually like to do to make my life a little bit easier is to take one of the lashes out of the tray so you’re left with a little ‘well’ essentially and I just pop some of the glue in there so I can use that to dip my lashes into rather than putting the glue on the back of my hand.   And I’m going to start with the medium length and using the tweezers I’m just going to pull one of these off nice and gently and dip it into the glue.  

Then looking down into a compact mirror I’m going to place the lash right in at the root of my natural lashes and then use my finger to poke it into position and that’s basically it. 

You just repeat this process for as often as you like to get the effect that you want.  I like to space the lashes out evenly and then filling in the gaps.   Once you get closer to the inside edge, I’m going to switch to the shorter length of lash just so they sort of taper in closer to the inside corner of my eye, and then similarly on the outer corner, I use the longer length of lash. 

So once the lashes are on and I’ve given them a few seconds to dry and adhere to the eyes I’m going to run over the glue with a little bit of eyeliner and this is going to help disguise where the lashes are stuck on.  Then the final step is to add a light coat of mascara just to stick your natural lashes and the individual lashes together and add that last bit of drama.  So it’s as simple as that.   So if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to check out TheCarousel.com for more tutorials like this.   See you next time. Bye! 


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.41.28 pm

Eylure Pro-Lash Individual Lashes, $14.99


By Sharon Farrell

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